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hey munday! an interview over at "how about cake"

hello lovelies. well we did it! we survived the marathon - hills, heat and all. i'll be back w/ pictures and tales of our weekend tomorrow.

until then - check out this little interview i did w/ brad from how about cake:

how about cake

:) talk soon!

3 random things ...

i've been MIA this week. a couple of excuses ... but of course:

1 // race day is this saturday! woot woot. we went and picked up our race numbers and goodie packs over lunch today. (um yes - that does say "tom rosenberry". i almost walked out of there as him instead of myself. boy would that have been confusing!) there's still time to donate if you'd like to help us out. remember this post? it tells all about barefoot ministries, the ministry we're raising money for. thanks to those that have given, we've already raised enough to send about 3-4 inner-city students to camp this summer. sweet! click here for all the details.

2 // i don't talk about my big girl job very often. for those of you that know me through the blogosphere alone, i work at a record label in nashville doing creative. my boss and i coordinate all things visual for our artists - photo shoots, video shoots, album packages, marketing materials and social media. basically there's ALWAYS too much on the plate - which means it NEVER gets boring. 

this week we released an album for lee brice that we've been very excited about. it just feels like it's finally his time. lee's paid his dues having written for super legit acts like garth brooks, tim mcgraw, kenny chesney and had the song of the year the past 2 years in country music ("love like crazy" and "crazy girl" performed by the eli young band). finally he topped the country charts w/ with his current single "a woman like you". i don't usually self promote but if you like good ol boy music & a drive in the truck ... or heck just talented writing ... check out his new album, hard 2 love. my mom loves him and based on how he looked at her at a recent cmt taping - he loves her back! ;)

(click above)

3 // now a little ethiopia update! we've been finalizing details for our trip and picking up last minute supplies. we were so excited to hear back from stella with the awassa children's project w/ more detail about our time w/ the project. we'll arrive on saturday and play with the kids over the weekend. then on monday when the kids go back to school, i'll work in the preschool and wade will help w/ the garden. after school, we'll tutor. we'll have 9 days with the kids!!! now i need to find easy craft ideas and coloring/activity pages to bring along with us! if you have any suggestions or resources - let me know!

speaking of crafting, i haven't been doing much lately. instead i've been making friendship bracelets galore. i'm like my 12 year old self on SPEED. maybe i'll share a tutorial or 2 on all the different types of bracelets i've conquered - i mean they're back, right? and i'm still planning to have a crafternoon of bracelet making now that we're not going to be running as often! we're so thankful for the friends that have sent us soccer balls + bracelets! we'd love to get even more - even if that means we have no room to pack our own clothes! :) email me for details.

hopefully i'll be back w/ something new soon! :)
until then - hope you are well!

adventures in container gardening: whitney farms!

this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms. all opinions are 100% mine.

happy Earth Day, friends! hope you're able to get outside today to enjoy the beautiful world God has created! what's more earthy than an update on our container garden:


this is our first attempt at gardening. we're growing lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber + okra and a whole bunch of different herbs. i'll admit it - i'm going through a bit of an obsessive stage. we don't have kids or room for a pet, so these little guys have become my babies. i might check on them every time i leave the apartment and i might visit gardening blogs and websites 2-3x a day.

when we planted our little garden i was concerned w/ 2 things: sun & water. little did i know how important the plant food and soil you choose are to your produce as well. i've found that Whitney Farms® comes w/ highest recommendation. and love that their organic plant food & organic soil are guaranteed to create a bigger, HEALTHIER harvest.

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages) 

with 25+ years of leading gardening experience, Whitney Farms® is a full line of 100% natural plant foods and soil with no additives, nothing artificial, just ingredients from the earth. their specially designed protein-based blends provide your plants with both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive. as a container gardener (if i can call myself that), i also love that their product is proven to have low to no dust and no manure odor - making it ideal for transferring plants in/out depending on the season.

109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)Organic Plant Food 

Whitney Farms® is offering a case of the mundays' readers a $3.00 coupon to try out their product. get your coupon now! CLICK HERE.

okay - i'm off to ace hardware to pick up Whitney Farms® organic plant food & a couple bigger pots. we're growing out of the ones we initially bought!

Visit Sponsor's Site

taking a day off ...

... to catch up on things around the office + house. in the meantime, check out these amazing pictures of ethiopia photographed by photographer carly arnwine. amazing! 1 month and 4 days! 

click the photos to see the entire album.

april showers: the games

i'm not a big shower gamer. i basically failed the "how well do you know wade" trivia game during my own shower. in front of all my aunts and female cousins and family friends, my worst fear was confirmed ... i didn't even know the man i was about to commit my entire life to! i mean - it's extremely important to know his shoe size and favorite super hero, right!?!

so when i was asked as part of my "to do list" for the shower last weekend to come up w/ activities ... i was anti putting angela on the spot in front of my brother's family and friends. 

game 1 // i found a great "he says she says" game through pinterest. (see the original here on made sweet.) i interviewed ross and angela ahead of time w/ simple questions like "what did you think of him/her when you first met" and "what's your favorite thing to do together". and then i quized the shower guests instead! to add a personalized touch - i created silhouettes of the bride and groom in illustrator. (serious blackmail possibilities in the future w/ the cellphone profile pictures i created these from!)
game 2 // as initiation into the "old wives club" i decided to quiz angela and the rest of the shower attendees on their "old wives tales" knowledge. there are so many funny old wives tales out there ... and it was even more fun to hear what the guests came up w/ even if their answers weren't exactly correct. for example: gain a child lose a ______.  no not "social life" ... and thankfully not "sex life!" either. the tale is actually "gain a child lose a tooth!" and apparently this one has some truth to it - see here

download a copy of the "old wives tales" game HERE!

and of course, what fun is a party game w/o a prize! we found these adorable mini galvanized watering cans (in the dollar bins) at target. add a pair of bright green gardening gloves and a dahlia - and you have the perfect spring shower prize!!!

bracelets & soccer balls - the update!

wade and i are 2 weeks out from the marathon (yikes!).
then we're 2 weeks out from my little brothers wedding.
and then we'll be 2 weeks out from ethiopia.


and making it even more exciting ... we've started to get soccer balls + bracelets in the mail for our trip. we've had an awesome response. i love putting this blog into action.

soccer balls from mama bear. and a little arm party for a very good cause!
(don't worry - i just put them on for the picture!)

i love getting snail mail - especially when it includes an envelope full of gifts for the kids of the awassa children's project! these amazing bracelets are from one of my sponsors this month - bonny bee designs on etsy:

the summer after bonnie's junior year in college, she volunteered in tanzania for 5 weeks. while she was there, she taught women at the community center how to make bracelets so that they could sell them. one of her new friends made her a bracelet and she put it on that day (over 4 years ago). worn and a bit smelly, she reluctantly took it off for the first time earlier this month. and then she read our post about our trip. she emailed and volunteered to make bracelets for the kiddos ... some w/ the very same cord she had bought in tanzania.

we're so very grateful for her sweet bracelets and the time it took her to make them! please check out her etsy store and support her w/ us! and of course - message me if you'd like to get involved too!!! there's still time!

speaking of bracelets - have you heard of band for good?

my friend faith brought me one of these bracelets over the weekend. and i love it! i love the bright colors - but even more i love that it is fashion w/ purpose.

each year, off the mat - a program bridging yoga and activism - sponsors an international service project called the global seva challenge. these off the mat global wristbands support local artisans in thailand and otm’s 2012 seva challenge focusing on rehabilitating women and children involved in sex trafficking in India and worldwide. check out the offthematintotheworld.org and globalwristbandproject.com for more information and to purchase your own!

april showers ...

bring may (wedding) flowers ...

over the weekend my oldest sister brooke and i were honored to host a bridal shower for our brother's future wife, angela. she is an absolutely perfect addition to our family. we're so excited ... 4 more weeks!

here are a couple of pictures from the day ...

we missed you, leigh! counting down the days until we see you at the wedding.
(also many thanks to mom for her hard work as well!) 

is it too late for an easter post?

well you're getting one either way!

i always feel a bit lame at holidays. i'm not a huge decorator and we usually skip the christmas stockings and easter baskets, etc. i'm sure things will change when we get around to having kids. but for now ... we keep it pretty simple. i did decide (at very last minute) that i wanted to try this little tutorial on poppytalk.

i used a tiny drill bit to drill a hole in the top and bottom of my egg (and only had 2 out of 5 casualties). i also used a needle to carefully pick away at loose shell. try to find a grey spot - this is a sign of weakness in the shell.

then using a syringe, i blew out the inside of the eggs. i soaked them in hot water to clean out the yokes and ran water through them until it ran clear. i finished preparing the eggs by baking them at 350 F for 10 minutes to dry them out.

the painting process took several coats! and in a teeny tiny apartment - i had to be incredibly sneaky.


finally, i typed up cheesy little easter themed notes. i rolled them and carefully pushed one inside each egg. "u r eggsra special!" warning: this part was super frustrating. my notes had to keep getting teenier and teenier. i don't usually type in text-speak.

at last ... a little easter egg hunt for mr. munday:


i "hop" you had a great easter too!

guess who got a new purse!?!


so long grungy old bag. we've made many sweet memories together over the last 5 years: 3 music festivals, 1 trip to morocco, 5 camping trips and countless repairs. at the request of my husband, poor bag has already been laid to rest:


yes, 5 years! i'm not a purse buyer (obviously). i remember moving a friend of wade's a few years ago and she had garbage bags (plural) of purses. i have had 1 ... well + a dressy clutch. so buying a new purse is a BIG STINKIN' DEAL. a big deal that took one threatening husband. "buy it by noon or else i will". 

and so i did. against our budget, i bought this abbey road hobo bag from lucky brand. i've had my eye on it for a looooong time. (like since july of last year.):


this week is the ultimate cray cray. i'm hosting a bridal shower saturday with my sister for our future sister-in-law angela. soooo much to get done. i am of course the biggest procrastinator in the world. can't wait to share all of the fun ideas + pictures ... next week! bear w/ me! xo.

pottery 101: pigeon toe ceramics

i'm loving this simple modern pottery by pigeon toe ceramics on etsy:

{click to shop}

time to by pure white clay and bright speed ball glaze!

adventures in container gardening ...

you say tomato, i say tomaters:

look for less: free people

the jean:

{l} free people - candy stretch skinny jean {78.00}
{r} charlotte russe - denim skinny jean {29.99}

the top:

{l} free people - short sleeved marled sweater tee {88.00}
{l} macys - rachel rachel roy sweater w/ asymmetric hem {41.24}

the shoes:

{l} free people - dolce vita drew lace oxford {79.00}
{r} alloy - eloise loafer {29.90}
{honorable mention} alloy - neon sole oxford {29.90}

the bag:

Bodega Hobo Highway Bag - Roxy
{l} free people - clarmonte bodega hobo {598.00}
{r} roxy - highway bag {48.00}

free people {843.00}
my look {149.13}

of course ... this look is completely about that stunning lila rice necklace. yum! not willing to shell out 385 buckaroos? tune in tomorrow! we're making our own. :)

{l} free people - lila rice alarra necklace {358.00}
{r} my version! DIY dets tomorrow.

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