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{ THURS-daydream } hawaii in the 50s

2 more days in hawaii (then i'll be back to my blogging self, promise!). today we're heading to tour pearl harbor & then tomorrow we're spending the day at one final beach (ko olina) before catching an all-nighter back home.

sometimes i like to daydream about hawaii in the 50s! and being one of these lovely ladies:

{source: 1 // miss pacific pageant winners/courtesy of the national archives of australia (1952), 2 // nina leen/time & life pictures/getty images (1950), 3 // allan grant/time life pictures/getty images (1947), 4 // vintage postcard/allposters.com, 5 // philippe halsman (1940), 6 // seventeen magazine (may 1954)}

i would totally wear ...

1 // this amazing karen nielsen vintage floral suit (via asos) ... a mega splurge $481.77.

2 // this by the sea sun hat from roxy ... much more appropriately priced @ $19.60.

 By The Sea Sun Hat - Roxy By The Sea Sun Hat - Roxy

3 // this woven romper from fossil ... $58.00.

4 // these 1950s inspired nerd-chic sunglasses from steve madden ... $36.00.

5 // and a copy of my mom, style icon (via modcloth) as the perfect beach read ... $18.99.

hope you're having a fantastic week, friends! 

christmas in hawaii

as soon as the table was cleared on thanksgiving ... it was time! i might be a scrooge about decorating the tree and rockin the carols before thanksgiving but afterward it's GO time! of course, we're in hawaii so we haven't started decking our own personal halls. in the meantime, i'm loving christmas hawaii style:

Pinned Image

  1 // Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas) - Bing Crosby
2 // Numbah One Day of Christmas - Hawaii Calls & the Hawaii Calls Orchestra & Chorus
3 // White Christmas - Hawaii Calls & the Hawaii Calls Orchestra & Chorus
4 // Jingle Bells (Kani Kani Pele) - Hawaii Calls & the Hawaii Calls Orchestra & Chorus
5 // Silent Night (Po La'i E) - Hawaii Calls & the Hawaii Calls Orchestra & Chorus

 Christmas With Aloha
{source: 1 // anna hurley 2 // aloha-hawaii}

{ hello munday } from hawaii ...

hello lovelies! i took a bit of vacation time last weds, thurs & friday ... but i'm back somewhat. we still have 5 days left in hawaii. yahoo! and we have a very packed schedule between now and friday. today a bit of a hawaiian {hello munday} w/ just a few of our adventures thus far ...

{source: explore // aloha top 10, drink/eat // me, hike // wade}

explore // today we went to haunama bay to snorkel! when we arrived at the cove, we watched a video about the reef that emphasized how important it is to not stand up on the reef. this made me a very nervous snorkel-er ... such a rule follower. but we were able to see lots of amazing fish. winter is the perfect time to visit hawaii - this was our only "tourist heavy" day thus far.

drink // okay okay - maybe this doesn't count as a drink. but for the ultimate sugar high, you have to stop by matsumoto's in haliewa for shaved ice w/ ice cream! i'm trying to convince wade that nashville needs a remote location. yum!

eat // if you're heading out for an intense day dodging waves at waimea bay (w+my favorite beach)? you must first grab breakfast @ konos in haliewa. while i have been a good girl sticking to my gfree diet, wade enjoyed yummy waffles topped w/ bananas and macadamia nuts. again yum!

hike // doesn't this picture look fake? wade captured it yesterday while exploring the wiliwilinui ridge trail w/ my brother-in-law, brandon. 3.5 miles + red mud and ropes? instead my sister leigh and i opted for a chill day at the "rich people beach" complete w/ valet parking and drink service on the beach.

{source: wear // hawaiian tropic + neutrogena, catch // asp/cestari, yum! // le cupcakerie}

wear // okay what gives!?! wade has been wearing neutrogena's wet skin sunblock (spf 50) since we arrived, while i've been wearing hawaiian tropic's tanning creme lotion (spf 2). and who's the one w/ the amazing tan??? WADE. gah. i used to be known as "brown bear blair" (way back in the day before my older cousin's started calling me "blair blair underwear"). not so much anymore.

catch // a wave! wade and i mastered ... okay not really ... attempted surfing yesterday w/ brandon. leigh & brandon own a long board - which i'll go ahead and say was the coolest board on the beach even if none of us can surf. the last time i was in hawaii (5 years ago) i actually stood up a few times. i guess i am getting older - bc that didn't happen this time. speaking of surfing ... the real surfers go to north shore in the winter when the waves are huge. w+i might make another trip up to haleiwa to catch the vans triple crown surf competition.

yum! // another of my hawaiian favorites - bubbies! we stopped by bubbies after snorkeling today for mochi - gourmet ice cream wrapped in sweetened rice confection! wade went all chocolate - chocolate/vanilla, chocolate/peanut butter, and chocolate mint. and i tried raspberry, chocolate/vanilla and this month's special pumpkin (double yum!).

wow - i'm talking a LOT about food! probably not a good thing considering we've been in our swimsuits pretty much 24/7. ha! but that's what vacation is all about, right!?! now we're off to catch up w/ an old friend who is also stationed at pearl harbor for dinner. hope you're well, blog friends. :) miss you.

{ guest post } preventing winter weight gain

hi friends! while i'm traveling today, my sweet friend kristen of naturally free rd offered to stop by w/ a guest post. just in time for thanksgiving, she has a few fantastic tips for "preventing winter weight gain".  

preventing winter weight gain:

if you’re like me, the winter months may make you to want to stay inside under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa. now that daylight savings has hit and it gets darker earlier, i find myself coming home from work and wanting to sit on the couch with a good movie. my normal (and usually easier) plan is to head to the gym for a workout class or meet a friend to go walking. so, i completely understand how hard it is to get yourself to the gym in the winter rather than do what your body wants, which is hit the couch. but i promise you that once you complete that workout, your body will thank you for the extra energy and the mood-lifting endorphins.

{source: photo: b. gustafson/styling: c. stills johnson}

3 tips to prevent weight gain: 

  1. hit the gym at the right time: are you too exhausted after a long day at work to work out even though you know it will make you feel better? you may benefit from an early morning workout before you head to work. sure, you’ll have to get up earlier, but you will get a great workout in, and you won’t feel guilty for curling up on the couch to watch your favorite tv show after a long day on the job. not an early bird? keep gym clothes in your car, and head straight to the gym after work. do not go home first! once you make it home, there's always an excuse to stay in (especially when it's cold!). plan in advance to accomplish your workout goals. 

  2. get REAL FOOD conscious: during the winter, vitamin d levels drop because you're not exposed to the best source of vitamin d ... sunlight. this is one reason why it’s very important to get your vitamin d levels checked regularly. consider a vitamin d supplement during the winter months. low vitamin d levels are linked to depression, and many people struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) caused by not being exposed to as much light/sunshine. and the winter blues could lead to comfort eating. instead turn to real foods. foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, folate, & b12 are especially important. this includes wild salmon, walnuts, eggs, dark green leafy veggies, sunflower seeds & organic/grass-fed meat products. when you’re focused on eating foods that grow from the earth and less processed foods, the weight will naturally come off. 

  3. don’t go overboard at holiday festivities: some people blame the winter pounds on the holidays. and if you’re someone that has multiple thanksgiving, Christmas, new years' parties to attend, you definitely have to work harder at preventing the weight gain than others. but it IS possible, and you CAN do it. the best way to not overeat at a holiday party is to eat a healthy snack right before the party. a handful of nuts is an easy snack to keep in your purse when you’re on the go. the healthy fats & protein in the nuts will keep your blood sugar from dipping and will give you a sense of being full so you’re not starving at the party. make sure you’re eating protein at every meal/snack to keep you feeling fuller longer also. most importantly ... when you’re at a party, don’t feel like you have to deprive yourself. enjoy the food, but just make sure you limit the items that are exceptionally high in calories/fat/sugar. load your plate up with veggies/fruit and protein first, then have a small portion of the higher carbohydrate items. did you know that sugar is just as addictive as cocaine? the more you eat it, the more your body wants it. focus on your veggies & protein during the winter months, and this will help you not go back for seconds and thirds on all those holiday desserts. 
enjoy this holiday season and remember the reason for it all! don’t stress over the little things, because we all know what stress does to our body too. have fun with all your loved ones, and safe travels to you all!

Naturally Yours,
Kristen M. Pardue, RD, LDN, CLC

about kristen & naturally free rd:

over a year and a half ago, kristen's health started falling apart. having always been healthy, she began dealing with extreme joint pain, swelling, tingling/numbness in her hands and twitching throughout her body. doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong, so she took matters into her own hands eliminating gluten from her diet & switching to organic foods & products throughout her home.  feeling 100% better today, kristen launched naturally free rd with the hope of helping others heal themselves as well.


thank you so much, kristen! i personally am sp incredibly thankful for you and our friendship as i've transitioned to a gfree lifestyle. have questions about your weight or other nutrition issues in your life? feel free to reach out to kristen (kristenmpardue[at]gmail.com).

{ wishlist } snapshots!

today's the day! w+i are leaving town around 5 & heading to atlanta. tomorrow morning bright and early we're flying to hawaii for 10 DAYS! we're so excited to see my sister and her sweet family and as a bonus to warm up a bit. it's way too cold/rainy in nashville this time of year. (can you believe we considered moving to boston!?!).

i really really hope to capture all of our adventures on camera this trip ... a second honeymoon of sorts (this time caught on camera!). so today i'm daydreaming of a photography upgrade (just in time for christmas *hint hint*):

{source: jo totes, nikon, abie straps + lil blue boo}

1 // how cute are the camera bags from jo totes? i'm especially gaga over the millie (however the question is - what color? teal, marigold or moss.) this is jo totes' smaller option - more for the novice photographer ... uh hmm ... me. it can fit your dslr camera with attached lens + an extra lens - and it still has room to double as a purse. yes, please! 

2 // i need a lens upgrade. i'm looking at the nikon 50mm f/1.8d af nikkor lens. this lens allows you to take pictures in lower light settings without your flash & is perfect for blurred backgrounds. 

3 // and how lovely are the camera straps from abie straps? i absolutely am smitted w/ the color me happy line in golden petals. of course, since w+i share a (his) camera ... maybe i should find something a little less pretty. but gah - love this! 

4 // and last but not least, i have set a goal to myself to take a photography class before we start having kids ... but there are so many things that i'd like to capture in the meantime! I WILL TAKE A SNAPSHOP CLASS in 2012. i absolutely love everything that ashley ann of under the sycamore touches. and am so thankful for all the helpful photography hints (along w/ fantastic tutorials and inspiration) that she posts on her blog. time to save up some $ and take her class


in the meantime, i'm taking darcy of my 3 boybarians' 31 days to a better photo challenge (from 2010). i've printed out the first 10 days for our trip. 

have you taken a photography class? any recommendations?

{ hello munday } thanksgiving edition

{source: eat // tartlette, share // silverbox creative studio, read // a holy experience, make // bhg}

eat // not gonna lie. w + i ate way too much this past weekend w/ his family in gatlinburg, tn. my sister-in-law waverly made g-free puppy chow w/ me in mind and i indulged. shame shame - hawaii on weds! and thanksgiving on thursday! :) need a yummy t'giving desert? check out this drunken pumpkin bourbon tart w/ mascarpone cream recipe via tartelette (complete w/ gfree substitutions). in unison "yum"!

share // what are you thankful for this year? these pretty pretty "thankful" printables from silverbox creative studio make for a fun thanksgiving morning activity and bonus as decor.

read // have you read one thousand gifts by ann voskamp? ann challenges us to forget the bucket list that has us escaping our everyday lives for exotic experiences. instead, she encourages us to embrace our everyday blessings. sounds like the perfect thanksgiving weekend (beach) read, don't you think?

make // these cute cute (and easy-peasy) acorn napkin rings via better homes & gardens. the perfect addition to your thanksgiving table.

{source: organize // brooklyn limestone, learn // photo: b. gustafson/styling: c. stills johnson, give // world vision}

organize // have you finished your christmas shopping? (or in my case ... have you started!?!) well then it's time to wrap. just in time ... check out this behind the door gift wrapping station via brooklyn limestone. it's a mini apartment dweller's dream! and she created it for a whopping $20! yes - i will be creating my own!

learn // my fantastic friend kristen from naturally free rd will be stopping by the blog on weds (while we're in flight) to share a few suggestions to help keep off holiday weight! this should be good!

give // many of your know that w+i had sort of hoped to be out of our teeny apartment and into our own farmhouse by this christmas. while we are learning patience ... we still plan to buy a goat or two this christmas. only our goat(s) will be specifically for a child in need thanks to world vision's christmas catalog. join with us - let's buy an entire tribe (okay i googled that)!

and the winner is ...

congratulations, jean michelle! i will be contacting you shortly so that i can get the "pimp my tee" kit to you! i cannot wait to see what you come up w/ for your goddaughter! :) a big thanks to the ladies of mix & mingle for hosting this awesome giveaway!

didn't win? click here to purchase your own kit!

{ fun times } design*sponge comes to nashvegas

fantastic friend ryan joined me for a quick trip to the design*sponge book signing @ west elm in nashville:

5 things:

1 // grace is the teeniest tiniest. lucky! shortly behind "have freckles", my dream would be to be petite.
2 // way to go west elm! the merry & bright decor - SO cute! i'm especially eying the felt mistletoe tree skirt. (might just have to make my very own version ...)
3 // isn't the backdrop for the photobooth darling? created by nashville's own chelsea of oh my deer.
4 // thanks to ryan for putting off being responsible and going w/ me! 
5 // have you picked up your copy of design*sponge @ home? this book will not be a dust-gatherer. it's jam packed w/ so much inspiration. the question is ... where to begin!?!  

to the nashville ladies that also went - sorry i missed you! we should have a blog get-together. what do you say?

you still have plenty of time to enter the giveaway (ends sunday, 11/20):

{ look for less } target boots

it's official, mama needs new boots. i have loved my intyce riding boots from steve madden for the past 2 winters. but yesterday my left foot sprung a leak ... a crack completely across the sole. very unfortunate considering it was a typical rainy winter day in nashville.

when i walked into work this morning - i was determined to shop during my lunch break for a new pair of boots. so of course i noticed tiffany in publishing sporting an awesome pair of boots. "figures," i thought to myself, "tiff has a pair of fryes." ... correction: tif has a pair of mossimo's from target 2 years ago that look EXACTLY like fryes. now we're talking.

the boot to be exact is the mossimo supply co. katherine engineer boot. apparently this boot sold out immediately after released in late 2009. now they've restocked for online purchase only. it's remarkably similar in style to the frye harness 12r boot - and, unlike most knockoffs, made of genuine leather.

{ the look }                                                            { the less }      

 { l } frye harness 12r - $228.00

and this isn't target's only knockoff ... 

i've always had my eye on the melissa button boot from frye. w+i have a friend that owns a pair in each color they carry. (speaking of colors ... i'm slightly green w/ envy!) so what do you think of this similar but much cheaper option? the kasia boot from merona. also made of genuine leather and available online only.

{ the look }                                                            { the less }       


 { l } frye melissa button boot - $328.00
{ r } merona kasia boot in cognac - $69.99

okay so i might have ordered a pair of each. i've seen the 1st boot - and it's spot on. and i can easily return the 2nd pair if they don't meet my expectations. and right now when you spend more than $50 @ target ... the shipping is on them. plus it's buy 1, get 1 50% off. goodbye, december clothes money (yes, i'm aware it's november). 

so your turn: have you found a knockoff that you're proud to share? please do!


don't forget about the giveaway (ends sunday, 11/20):

CLOSED - {giveaway} pimp my tee!

yay! super excited to share this giveaway!

the amazing ladies of mix & mingle have graciously offered to give away one of their "pimp my tee" kits to one of our lucky readers.

each kit comes w/ full instructions & supplies to make 2 different types of fabric flowers + extra ribbons, beads, buttons, and more. you could use your kit to revive a boring ol' tee or sweater. or embellish a bag so you can be "pimped" daily! the possibilities are endless. such a fun way to personalize any piece in your closet. {*hint hint* the holidays are just around the corner. have a special crafty someone that would love this?!? win it for them!}

there are three ways of entering:

mandatory entry:
leave a comment below letting me know what you would "pimp". please leave your email address in the comment so that i can get in touch w/ you if you win!

add'l entry 1:
tweet about this giveaway. be sure to mention @blairmunday in the tweet so that i can see it too!

add'l entry 2:
like a case of the mundays on facebook (or let me know if already like us).

be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. AND be sure to leave your email address in your comment - otherwise it might be difficult to find you!

this giveaway is open to everyone! final day to enter is sunday, november 20th. this giveaway is closed.


want to sponsor a case of the mundays and/or host a giveaway? click here to find more information. i'd love to have you on the blog!

{ hello munday }

{source: eat // me, adorn // helen norman, win // make&mingle, make // oh so lovely! via my girl thursday

eat // yummy gfree apple crisp! w+i took a trip to a u-pick apple orchard a few weeks back w/ friends chris and faith. fyi - apple picking is a september activity. we were there when the trees were very limited. but we collected enough to make a yummy gfree apple crisp. click here for the recipe (modified from betty crocker).

adorn // your thanksgiving table w/ these fantastic ideas via southern living! i teased last week that too many of my friends are skipping from halloween directly to christmas. but i'm all about thanksgiving and i am a teeny bit sad that we won't be hosting a thanksgiving of our very own. (remember - we'll be in hawaii visiting my sister + her hubs and little boys. that's why it's just a "teeny bit".) maybe i can sneak an heirloom pumpkin or two on the plane. oh - i kid.

win // a lovely giveaway teaser! TOMORROW we're having a fun-tastic giveaway here on the blog from the lovely ladies @ make&mingle. i'm pretty stinkin' excited. and you should be too. so please stop back by tomorrow for all the details!

make // this adorable bow diy by oh so lovely on my girl thursday today. w+i went to a wedding saturday night {congrats, rachel + mike} and i struggled big time w/ my hair. and finally gave in and wore it the usual boring way. time to google some hair-torials. wouldn't these little bows be a fun addition as well? and they make it soooo easy-peasy. yes please.

{source: share // darlingmagazine, gift // korin, listen // david nail}

share // have you checked out darlingmagazine? a sweet twitter friend shared this lovely site last week {thanks, hé ré}. 1) choose your personality. 2) explore! no worries if you have multiple personalities - apparently me too. loving all the posts about "the hostess", "the dreamer" & "the achiever" ... then again ALL of the articles are super great reads. do check it out.

gift // these adorable mugtails from korin featured in real simple this month. adorable (and i'm not the only person to think so ... due to overwhelming demand you wouldn't be gift these until february 2012). if there was such thing as a city animal, nashville's would be the squirrel. i prefer them in my dishware - rather than in real life. and bonus: wouldn't these go sweetly w/ last year's squirrel nutcracker?

listen // david nail's new album is in stores tomorrow! and w+i are thrilled out of our minds. yup. we love him. he's country, yes ... but he's also bluesy cool. i played his last album straight for about 3mo. really have high hopes for this album as well. and just in time for 7hrs of listening (aka our flight to hawaii NEXT week!)

eleven ...

Eleven Gold Bar Necklace

baby it's cold(er) outside ...

brrr ... it's sooo much colder today in tennessee! one of the best things about being married is that a husband makes the ultimate foot warmer. each night, i thaw my icicle toes by tucking them between his knees! husband cruelty? maybe. of course wade is traveling again this week ... brr!

which of course means it's totally time to whip out the crochet & knitting needles!

{source: dottie angel / wood & wool stool /  unknown, happiknits on etsy}

i have 1 // learn to crochet flowers + 2 // finishing knitting a pair of socks on my 30 before 30 list. so it's definitely time for me to get busy. of course that's only the icing on the crochet/knit cake! 

{someday} when w+i have our little farm ... it will be warm & cozy and filled w/ homemade creations. like that amazing stool by dottie angel & that simple little heart garland by wood & wool stool. have you seen this tutorial for how to knit a jumbo knit blanket by nocturnal knits? *hint hint* broom sticks for knitting needles! and of course ... everyone could use a new cowl! beautiful work by happiknits!

and last but definitely not least, this crocheted doily blanket by goodknits (in gold) ...

Crocheted Doily Blanket 05 (Gold)

Crocheted Doily Blanket 05 (Gold)
{source: goodknits on etsy}

yup - every farmhouse definitely needs a doily blanket!

definitely time to get busy. of course ... i'm not opposed to santa bringing me any of these lovelies! ;)

just because ...

i absolutely love ellen ... and nicki minaj. yup i admitted it. w + i recently memorized the entire rap to "super bass" on a 7-hour drive to illinois. we think we're pretty cool. but obviously not nearly as adorable (or hilarious) as these little gals ...


enjoy! xo.

bits and bobs {part 2}

well ... it took me over a month to collect/create each piece. and another to find a round mirror - necessary for the perfect arrangement that i had in my head. and then even longer to find a free saturday morning to hang everything ... but i'm excited to finally share our very own bits & bobs wall with you all:

did you miss my earlier post w/ all kinds of inspiration? check it out here.
so what exactly does our wall include thus far?

a few links to my little creations:
* {PINspired} bouquet paint by number
* {PINspired}for the love of maps
* mix & match {clip}art

of course - i just said thus far. as with everything, our little bits & bobs wall is a work in progress. we're living on a budget people - so i planning to pick up additions little by little.  {in fact, i might have already ordered this adorable watercolor calendar from oh my deer on etsy.}

completely random ... but a huge hooray for this better homes & gardens tip: use kraft paper & painter's tape to determine your arrangement before you start banging holes in your walls! so very helpful!

okay ... who's going?

okay okay - who's heading to the design*sponge book tour here in nash? oh boy do i wish i had signed up early for the craft workshop. how much fun?!? but i snoozed ... ho hum. book signing it is! drinks + treats + a fun photobooth thanks to smilebooth. who's in?
*illustration by julia rothman

mon-DIY: hanging shelf

last friday i shared the little secret that w + i were looking @ a house over the weekend. and not just any ol' house ... but a little farmhouse on 9 acres of land! my poor green-thumbed husband is getting incredibly restless. currently we live in a teeny little apartment w/ a window box. an unsuccessful windowbox at that.

so over the weekend, i also decided it was time to utilize what little sunshine we do have:

- wooden board cut to fit your window (i used a piece of hickory @ 36"x 5" x 1 1/4")
- 2 long strips of webbing (i used 2 10' strips) 
- a sturdy curtain rod (or 2 hooks) to hang

- sandpaper
- wood stain
- hand drill

1 // drill a hole in each corner of your board approximately 1/2" from the edges. lightly sand the edges and around the holes to smooth. (if you want to stain your shelf - do it now!)

2 // use 1 piece of webbing for each short side of your board. fold the strip of webbing in half. push one end of the webbing through one corner hole & tie a knot. then push the opposite end through the other hole and tie a knot.

3 // hang your shelf from your curtain rod (our's was a 1 1/2" wooden rod - very sturdy) or hooks. adjust the knots at the bottom to find the correct height. use a level also to make sure the shelf was level.

yes - i admit those plants look PUNY! and thus the need for our window shelf. enjoy!

wanna know a secret?

wade and i are looking at another house today!

this one looks super promising:
* built in 1940
* 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms
* updated kitchen & bathrooms
* 9 fenced in acres w/ a horse barn
* just a short commute from downtown nashville

so today i'm daydreaming about ... beadboard walls, farmhouse kitchens, wood floors & a spare bedroom which doubles as a craft room!

{source: 1 // ngoc minh ngo, 2 //house beautiful, 3 // me and alice, 4 // bhg }

wade on the other hand is dreaming about a yard & a garden ... and a cow & chickens ... and of course the perfect farm dog.

what's on your home sweet home wish list?

home sweet home

hi lovelies .. i have been incredibly absent this week. my apologies! so what exactly has been keeping me from the blog? well ... a little of everything:

1 // w + i are finally back in town for the next 2 weekends in a row (hip hip hooray!). settling into life off the road, i did some major cleaning! √ suitcases unpacked + clothes laundered & put away, √ fresh sheets & towels, √ floors swept & mopped throughout the house, √ piles of filing, √ each room dusted ... the list goes on & on. nothing like a clean house to make you feel accomplished! now to conquer our closets (... small house problems).

2 // i finally got around to finishing a couple of projects that have been on the to do list for quite some time now. *hint hint* 

3 // w+i have a little under 3 weeks until we're in hawaii! aloha, vacation. that means i'm doing double time @ the office trying to make sure i don't have to work remotely. i've also been picking up a couple spare jobs so that we have a bit of add'l fun money + christmas gift money. yikes people - christmas is just around the corner!

and last but not least ...

4 // i finished our wedding book ... oh ... only 1 year + 1 month after the big day! i'm pretty excited to have this monster of a project finished. have you printed anything through blurb? their books came w/ high recommendation from a good photographer friend. and i'm pretty excited about their reasonably priced pro-line. now fingers crossed that we don't turn out neon pink once printed!

i'll be back soon w/ more on #2. but in the meantime, here's a little preview of our finished book:

our halloween ... just a day or 2 late

happy halloween from the mundays!
any guesses?

yup, wade agreed to a couple's costume as long as he got his own set of balloons. my husband is so cool. (it also helped that he didn't have to smile for the camera ... staying in character.)

hope you had a fun-tastic halloween. :)
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