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{ hello munday } new orleans edition

hello, beautiful people. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! we're back from ANOTHER weekend away - this time visiting new orleans. i'm still putting the final touches on our (very last minute) halloween costume ... so in the meantime, today's {hello munday} is new orleans inspired. enjoy!

{source: stay & make // me, visit // gonola.com, drink // the purposed heart}

stay // our trip to new orleans was technically a work trip for my husband. marriott brought in several conference planners + press folks to tour the city (and of course their hotels). we got the full voodoo experience! we arrived thursday and caught up w/ the gang @ muriel's on jackson square. afterwards, we toured the streets of the french quarter as part of a funeral procession which led us to lafitte's blacksmith shop. in between hotel tours on friday, we visited st. louis cemetery number one & took a tour of the bayou ... ending the day w/ the most spectacular halloween party! and then, w + i had a free day on saturday to do our own exploring. a big thanks to the marriott gang!

make // these adorable pumpkin centerpieces. every hotel planned a meal for our group. the table decor @ the jw was adorable. somebody had been pinning!

visit // we walked bourbon street ... but for a true new orleans' experience, we're so thankful that the locals encouraged us to visit frenchmen street! apparently it is what bourbon street was like before the tourists invaded! such a fun street w/ amazing entertainment and yummy food!

drink // pumpkin eggnog! just don't count your calories while you do it! we were fine dined all weekend & wade LOVED it. unfortunately being g-free  is a bit difficult in nola & being allergic to shellfish is incredibly difficult in new orleans ... so i enjoyed each and every calorie of my pumpkin eggnog. got you salivating? check out this yummy recipe from the purposed heart.

{source: eat, tour & wear // me, shop // french quarter condo trends}

eat // okay i cheated. i had a beignet from cafe du monde. yum! in fact i double cheated - not only was i not supposed to have gluten, but w+i didn't notice the gigantic line @ the door until after we had found a table and had our order. woops! for those that do have to stand in line, this deep-fried powdered sugared treat is definitely worth the wait!

tour // st. louis cemetery no. 1 and find a) marie laveau "the voodoo queen of new orleans" grave ... mark it with 3 x's and make a wish ... if you dare! & b) nicholas cage's pyramid shaped family grave. over the top. beware of the snakes!

shop // magazine street in the garden district. w+i planned to take the st. charles streetcar to the garden district, but we didn't have exact cash. so then we decided we would walk ... and um ended up walking in the complete opposite direction (aka bonus tour of tremè). finally we made it to magazine street & enjoyed lunch & a drink @ ms. mae's on magazine street w/ a friend from home . next time i ditch the boys AND SHOP! they had everything!

and last but not least ...

wear // an alligator mohawk - apparently it's the biggest thing in the bayou! okay not really. but we definitely recommend an airboat tour! our guide was fantastic. sidenote: wade is not so much afraid of this itty bitty alligator as he is the threat of alligator pee (aka gatoraid) in his hair for the rest of our long day of tours!

there was definitely too much to do in just 3 short days - especially since our first 2 days were pretty busy w/ hotel tours. so what did we miss? w+i definitely plan to make another trip.

i'm off to do a little sewing! hope you have a very fun day!

{shop} my morning routine ...

last night i went shopping w/ my best friend laura. w/ my november clothes money burning a whole in my pocket (yes a bit premature) and feeling all kinds of courageous, i set out determined to come home w/ something fun. and then ... i bought the exact same pair of skinny jeans that i've bought 2x before! {these fantastic skinnies from banana.}

okay okay - so maybe i'm a creature of habit. i prefer to believe that i live by the expression "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". at least that's the way i feel w/ my morning routine ...

i used to fuss w/ new products each month. every trip to the grocery store or pharmacy included a new lip gloss or facial concoction guaranteed to make me look like a supermodel. i was a total sucker for items on sale - 2 for the price of 1 ... a major bargain shopper - but bargains add up!

my method today is to enlist a few good men products:

1 // la roche-posay's toleriane purifying foaming cream & anthelios sx daily moisturizer w/ spf 15. i firmly believe that if you spend a bit more on facial care to create a healthy palette - you'll spend less trying to cover up flaws in the long run. the foaming cream is extremely gentle on sensitive skin (believe me!) and the moisturizer is winner of 12 beauty awards including: women’s health 2010 “expert’s pick" and instyle 2009 best beauty buy “daytime moisturizer with spf”. not gonna lie - i've also purchased the effaclar dual action acne treatment (2011 allure best of beauty award winner - beauty breakthrough) and the effaclar toner in the past - and love them both. 

2 //  everything glominerals! their products are a bit pricier than other mineral makeups. but again ... if you have healthy skin you won't have to use as much product ... and that means it LASTS. i bought their pressed base, protective liquid foundation in satin, and oil-free camoflauge before our engagement pictures in may of 2010 and i've only had to replace the pressed base once! plus the product is non-comodogenic and free of perfumes and dyes plus it includes antioxidants, vitamins A, K, C and E and green tea extract. healthy stuff.

3 // mac cremesheen glass. this was a recommendation from one of my makeup artists & has quickly become the only lip gloss i'll buy. the 2010 SHAPE of beauty winner, it's extremely moisturizing and yet not sticky ... so appreciated during windy fall days. i keep a tube of richer, lusher and geo pink on me at all times!

4 // i've mentioned the dermorganic argan oil hair treatment system before ... here! it's a shampoo, masque and leave-in treatment w/ argan oil, omega-6, antioxidants and vitamin e (plus it's vegan & gfree). i started using this product back in june ... and i'm hooked. shiny, healthy looking hair - yes, please! especially while i'm growing it out and possibly going a bit too long between trims. (ps - i also LOVE pure argan oil on my under eyes - a bit of crow's feet prevention.)

5 // my best friend whitney has the most beautiful eyes ... and her secret? ulta's eye shadow collection.  okay and really good genes! they have over 90 colors to choose from. i could definitely waste a day exploring all the options! 

6 // want to know a little secret? i didn't start wearing mascara until about 5 years ago. wanting to purchase the best, i asked one of my makeup artists what she recommended. and i was surprised when she recommended maybelline's great lash mascara (you know ... the one in the pink and green bottle) not some $50 bottle. did you know it's been around for over 40 years!?! still within maybelline's mascara line ... i've graduated to using their colossal volume express mascara.

7 // last but not least ... a pink cheek just makes me feel better not to mention look better. i currently use sonia kashuk's beautifying blush in melon. sonia was the creative director of cosmetics for aveda from 1989 through 1997. aveda first noticed her for her great colors! then in 1998, she launched her beauty line w/ target - determined to make her new makeup line prestige-quality makeup in elegant packaging at an accessible price point. bonus - have you checked out her brushes?

okay okay ... plenty about me. so what's in your beauty arsenal?

better days challenge ...

i've mentioned it before ... w+i have been away from home each and every weekend this month! that's crazy. more crazy is that i've only been at our home church 1 sunday this month. thanks to twitter i found out about a challenge from my pastor this past sunday ... and i've decided to extend the challenge to you all:

the media today is filled w/ fear. there's poverty, war, crime, political unrest ... even natural disasters all constantly playing over and over in our minds. as a result, we're left w/ a mindset shaped more by the media than by scripture. pastor pete has challenged us to list 3 things each day that we are grateful for ... 3 things that breathe hope into our lives during such an unstable time in our world. what an amazing challenge! catch the full message here.

psalm 103:2
let all that i am praise the Lord;
may i never forget the good things He does for me.

tuesday, october 25th, 2011:
1 // creativity & independence in my career
2 // the couples in our bible study that have become family here in nashville
3 // random dance parties w/ my husband bc they remind me that he loves me when i am completely being myself.

wednesday, october 26th, 2011:
1 // walking to work on perfect fall days
2 // catching up w/ a good friend
3 // my constant - aka my husband

join the challenge! tweet #betterdayschallenge.

{ hello munday } sticks & stones

hi friends! today has been busy busy ... a short week in the office since we're heading to NEW ORLEANS this weekend. fun times! here's an itty bitty {hello munday} to hold you over ...

{source: shop // this is pretty, wear // our family jewels, make // cantilever & press, smile // david & goliath}

shop // these birch bark lanterns from this is pretty. wouldn't they be such a pretty addition to your fall or even winter decor? oooh - or a fall wedding. love!

wear // this simple twig bangle from our family jewels.

make // this amazing coat rack. okay okay - so i just finished a coat rack for our apartment ... but my aprons need to be properly displayed as well, right? time for a nature walk to collect some sticks! not up for the challenge? start saving your fun money and buy the original from cantilever and press.

smile // "you rock! you rule!" i am so appreciative of those of you that are reading. :) thanks for sticking w/ me when work isn't blog conducive. i'll be back to my regular old self soon! xo.

{ PINspired } birdhouse key rack

i am absolutely in love w/ our new key rack ... {PINspired} by this awesome DIY by torie jayne in the latest issue of heart & home. i improvised w/ mod podge & scrapbook paper ... but it is clearly time for me to invest in several rolls of japanese washi tape! november fun money can't get here soon enough.

heading out for another quick weekend trip. this time by my lonesome. wade is in memphis for work & is staying over for some fun family time w/ his brother's clan of 6. i'll be heading north for a little family time of my own.

hope you have a splendid weekend! xo.

{ someday } alsolete

don't tell wade. lately i've been a bit baby crazy. i mean we have 8 kazillion friends that are pregnant this fall. so exciting. and to increase the madness ... i of course had to stumble upon alsolete - a barcelona based clothing store for children 12 months to 14 years. after studying @ the art & fashion techniques school in barcelona & working in the fashion industry for 15 years, designer marta gambùs launched alsolete in 2000. her intention ... to design children's clothing that express the mediterranean way of life - modern yet comfortable.

{source: alsolete}

mission accomplished! i am especially in love w/ the colors in her collection. okay so secretly i wish they had a mommy/daddy line too!

{someday} w+i will travel to barcelonato visit alsolete! in the meantime - check out the estore!

spiced pumpkin cupcakes!

recently i came across these adorable apple shaped cupcakes from marie on make & takes (inspired by muses of megret's valentine heart cupcakes). i had plans to make some gluten free spiced pumpkin muffins since i found the perfect pumpkin cupcake liners @ michaels ... and decided to give their method a go for pumpkin shaped spiced pumpkin cupcakes!

here's what you'll need:

1 box yellow cake mix (i used betty crocker®'s gluten free mix - yum!)
1 cup canned pumpkin
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp nutmeg
cupcake liners
green & orange food coloring
cream cheese icing (i cheated & used betty crocker®'s rich & creamy cream cheese frosting)
indian candy corn

1 // roll your tinfoil into small 1/2" balls. you'll need 2 for each cupcake.
2 // heat the oven to 350º (325º for nonstick pans). place a cupcake liner in each of your muffin cups.

3 // in a large mixing bowl, combine cake mix, canned pumpkin, water, oil, eggs, cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg. mix on low for 30 seconds and then on medium speed for 2 minutes scraping the sides of the bowl to make sure everything is mixed well.

4 // pour the batter into your liners about 2/3rds full. (i was a bit timid here & probably should have used a bit more batter in each cup.) place 2 tinfoil balls on opposite sides of each cupcake between the tin & the liner.

5 // bake for 19 to 24 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. cool in the pans for 10 minutes, the remove and let cool completely for 30 minutes.

6 // mix up orange frosting and frost your cupcakes. leave a little extra frosting & make green for your vines.

7 // place a piece of indian corn into the middle of the top indent of your cupcake as the stem.

8 // finish by piping a few green vines.

yum! now if you can keep your husband from eating them all (good luck) ... share! :)

wednes-DIY: mini pumpkin votives

i mentioned last week that we were taking a trip to honeysuckle hill farm in springfield, tennessee over the weekend. w+i are so blessed to have a great small group full of crazy fun couples ...

hayride (sans hay) √ 
ridiculous farm animal photo opp √
cornmaze complete w/ FSI - farm scene investigation √
corn popper - think giant blob of jumping madness √

... and i finally picked up a couple mini pumpkins to decorate our living room:

1 // you'll need at least 1 mini pumpkin & 1 tealight for each votive.
2 // remove the stem from your pumpkin.
3 // place your tealight in the middle of your pumpkin & use your knife to create a dotted line around the tealight.
4 // connect the dots to cut out the middle circle.
5 // remove the center circle & replace w/ your tealight.

i love the look of stacked pumpkins this fall - so i decided to stack a couple mini pumpkins. 6 // glue your votive pumpkin to a slightly larger pumpkin. align your pumpkins so that the candle sits evenly on top.

each votive should last about 3 days. luckily this is such a simple little project - and mini pumpkins are cheap cheap. enjoy!

pottery 101

hi lovelies ... i tried and tried to put together a {hello munday} post yesterday but to be honest, i needed a little blog break. :) instead i caught up on several small projects ... and w+i went on a fun little movie date. (we saw 50/50 ... have you seen it?)

pardon my absence - and enjoy a little preview of my pottery progress thus far:

1 // taking a hint from anthropologie's adorable little farmer's market baskets, i decided to make my own fruit basket! this one is still in the leather hard stage - a work in progress. i brought this little project home to sculpt in my free time, because i'm devoting class time to practice throwing pots on the wheel (practice make perfect ... or at least a little less wonky!). 1 down, 3 to go! more free time, please!

2 // boring little handbuilt plate ... i think not. "put a bird on it!" 

3 // remember this guy? the great brain! coil pots are probably my least favorite pottery technique that we've learned so far in class. i think they look like something a little kid could make. but it's so much fun to see how a project changes w/ a little bit of glaze. (can you see the little pops of teal and rust?) i actually love how this little coil bowl turned out.

we'll see if i'm brave enough to post any of my thrown pots this semester. luckily i've already convinced wade to spare me for a few more thursdays next year! i am determined! :)

and the winner is ...

congratulations, bonnie! you won the "on the mark" necklace from stella & dot! a big thanks to independent stylist melissa olson for hosting this awesome giveaway!

{ PINspired } paper projects!

i had planned to head home from the office during my lunch break today to snap a couple of pictures of my 1st finished pottery pieces. (oh the life of blogging w/ a full-time job!) and then as i grabbed my purse to head out the front door ... i realized that i had walked today. my car derek was getting an oil change. darn.

so instead ... how about a couple {PINspired} projects:

today's {PINspiration}: this adorable yarn ball garland by little glass box & these perfect for fall (but might not ever come down) paper bag flowers by a place for us ...

{click here for tutorial}                                           {click here for tutorial}
{source: (l) little glass box, (r) a place for us}

"and the windows?" you ask. you might have seen them before:

{photos courtesy: adrian hitt photography}

they were used for our seating charts at our wedding. w/ a paint marker ... i carefully painted each guest name on to 5 different windows the thursday before our wedding. a little tip: print your text to size. tape it behind each pane ... then simply trace! i've used the same technique to add a verse from the blessing at the end of our ceremony to 2 of the windows and they now hang above our piano. if only my penmanship were that lovely ... in reality i have "20 // relearn to write in cursive" on my {30 before 30} list

my goal this weekend is to decorate a bit for fall! seriously - pathetic. tonight we're heading to the pumpkin patch & a cornmaze/hayride w/ our small group. and tomorrow we're going camping & stopping @ an orchard on the way. if that doesn't get me inspired NOTHING will! :) hope you have a wonderful weekend ... do something fall-ish!


and yes i'm going to say this one last time ... you have until midnight TONIGHT to sign up for the stella & dot giveaway hosted by independent stylist melissa olson. don't miss out. click the link below for details!

confession: a bit of a shopping spree

wade needs new clothes! ... like bad. he started running regularly about a month or two ago. that plus our time at the gym = low rider jeans that no belt can remedy. luckily we devoted a small portion of our budget to a clothing fund under the advice "if you're gonna need it anyway, budget for it."

so i did a little shopping ...

... for him:

{clockwise from upper left: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5}

and ... for her (bc honestly blair needs new clothes too!):

{clockwise from upper left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

... yah. a little shopping. but do you see those prices?

last night we received a catalog in the mail from lands'end canvas. i'm SO impressed w/ their line (and w/ their customer service - we're talking a handwritten note w/ my last order!). the canvas line @ lands'end is more fashion-oriented and perfect for young professionals. right up the j.crew alley - yet more affordable.

right now they are having a fall sale - we're talking ULTRA LOW prices, people!
3 jeans, 1 corduroy, 2 t-shirts, 1 tank, 1 blouse, 1 polo + 1 sweater = $150.00

and check out this promo code (expires 10/15) for $10 off + free shipping over $50.00:
MJ11 pin: 4423

so have you had a chance to check out lands'end canvas?


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our moroccan wedding blanket

at last we we've displayed our moroccan wedding blanket ...

moroccan wedding blankets, also known as handira, are hand-loomed from sheep's wool, cotton and linen in the berber villages of the middle atlas mountains in northern morocco. then the prospective bride and her female relatives carefully sew each sequin by hand. the wedding blanket is not only for warmth and decoration for the bride ... but it is also believed to bring baraka - moroccan for good luck & blessings.

we decided that a vintage wedding blanket would be the perfect souvenir of our honeymoon in morocco. and yes it has taken us over a year to find the perfect place for it within our home. there are so many beautiful ideas online ... at the foot of a bed, draped over a couch or as a lovely rug. for now ... we've decided to display it as art in our entryway.

interested in getting a wedding blanket of your own? maryam of my marrakesh & peacock pavilions hand picks vintage moroccan wedding blankets and sells them through her blog ... click here.

and to read about our amazing trip ...
1 // day 1 & 2: spain
2 // day 3, 4 & 5: marrakech

3 // day 6 & 7: essaouira


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{ giveaway } stella and dot

remember those little adorable arrow earrings i shared yesterday? well how about a matching necklace ...
i am thrilled to be hosting a fantastic giveaway today, courtesy of independent stella & dot stylist, melissa olson. melissa has graciously offered to give away an "on the mark" necklace (a 49.00 value) to one of our lucky readers. isn't it the cutest!?!

be sure to check out melissa's stella & dot page to see everything else that is available from stella & dot this season. i have to admit, after browsing myself, i have quite the wishlist:

{clockwise from upper left}
1 // tribute bracelet. by the way, october is breast cancer awareness month. throughout the month, 20% of the proceeds from this bracelet will be donated to the breast cancer research fund.

okay ... back to this awesome giveaway!

to enter ... (this is 1 entry)
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for up to 2 extra entries ...
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giveaway! win a @stelladot "on the mark" necklace from independent stylist @meeseolson! http://acaseofthemundays.com (@blairmunday)

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this giveaway ends FRIDAY 10/14 at midnight. this giveaway is closed. then, melissa will choose a comment @ random from the comments on this post. i will announce the winner on 10/17.

BIG thanks to melissa olson for this awesome giveaway and good luck y'all!

{ simple things } bays mountain

wade and i are awful about taking pictures especially when we're traveling. i lug the camera around w/ me everywhere - but in the excitement of exploring a new place ... i always forget to actually use it! ho hum.

luckily i did capture our visit to bays mountain. it was the perfect time of year to visit northeastern tennessee as the leaves had just begun to change and it was 75º and sunny! the park has miles & miles of hiking trails and several "habitats" for rescued native wildlife - including wolves, bobcats, otters, deer, turtles, racoons and birds.

i simply love a hike in the fall ...

{ hello munday }

{source: eat // whole foods, wear // a beautiful mess, make // a place for us, shop // melanie favreau}

eat // these yummy apple sandwiches w/ granola and peanut butter via whole foods! adorable and delicious.

wear // your heart on your sleeve(s) w/ this cute little heart patch diy from amanda @ indiejanephotography via a beautiful mess. i have quite a few cardigans that could use a little update this winter. ... to goodwill to find a few spare vintage pillowcases!

make // i haven't put up a single decoration yet for fall! sigh. last year i was as pathetic - but we had just gotten married and were unpacking. this year i have no excuse. love these brown paper bag flowers from a place for us! and as luck would have it - we have lots of brown paper bags.

shop // these adorable "taking aim" arrow earrings from melanie favreau on etsy. in fact check out all of melanie's adorable designs ... yes, please!

{source: win// eat drink chic, learn: bhg, visit: unknown}

win // a copy of frankie magazine's 2012 calendar and daily journal via this giveaway @ eat drink chic. i am absolutely in love with & in need of that daily journal!

learn // w + i had a time hanging one our latest projects over the weekend leaving us w/ about a 1" hole in the plaster. woops. i don't blame myself or my husband - i blame our apartment and the chippiest walls EVER. lesson learned. love this tip from better homes & gardens for perfect placement. ideally we'll be hanging our bits & bobs wall in the next week or two (at last!). yahoo.

visit // we enjoyed a perfect getaway to the very northeastern corner of tennessee over the weekend. we had a fantastic time exploring the area including exchange place - an 1850s farmstead, bays mountain nature preserve & the gray fossil museum. we particularly fell in love w/ jonesborough, tn - the international storytelling capital - where we spent saturday evening listening to ghost stories in the town square. we already plan to make the trip again next year!

road trip!

hey y'all! w + i are heading out for a little weekend away in jonesborough, tn. never heard of it? well neither have i honestly. but my husband is a connoisseur of all things tennessee - and he is chomping at the bit to get on the road. i think i'll surprise by heading home a little early.

hope you have a great weekend!

{ someday } wood & wool stool

w + i are becoming more and more restless. we have lots of little dreams. some days we dream about packing up and moving to france or morocco. then other days we dream about buying a little farm outside of nashville and raising goats and chix. and yet on other days when we're feeling even more ambitious, we dream about combining the two and having a little farm in the french or moroccan countryside.

i am proud to announce that we've successfully kept a budget for an entire month! so we're one tiny step closer to putting those dreams into action. in the meantime, i like to think that our home could {someday} be half as dreamy as the home of wood & wool stool owner ingrid jansen.

{source: wood & wool stool}

time to pick up my knitting needles!

{ guest post } desirous of everything

today i'm guest posting over at desirous of everything:

i've posted a quick and easy DIY - mix & match {clip}art! another project for our bits and bobs wall. anxious to hang everything ... i started laying out all of our "bits" this morning. but wade and i agreed there are still a couple "bobs" missing! in particular the perfect frame for my paint by number bouquet and a round or oval frame (filled w/ who knows). hmf ... patience.

be sure to check out my post & tell sarah hi! :)

ooh ooh - win a $50 modcloth giftcard

hi people! this month i'm excited to be a sponsor over on desirous of everything complete w/ fun guest post {which i really need to wrap up and send over to sarah!}. in the meantime, check out this fantastic giveaway sarah is hosting to celebrate a blog milestone. a $50.00 gift certificate to modcloth? count me in!!!

so many pretty things ... what would you buy if you won?

clockwise from upper left:
coach tour dress in bleu {47.99}
from ear to eternity earrings {11.99}
go all out heel {59.99}
copywriter top {44.99}

yes, please!

i am absolutely obsessed w/ finding the perfect blazer(s) this fall! truth is i really need some grown up looks for work. and the right blazer works w/ everything - skinny jeans, skirts even shorts. yes, please! i mentioned this pretty pretty look yesterday. such a dream! here's my little attempt to pull this look together:

{source for inspiration: unknown}

the blazer // slackened utility jacket via anthropologie {69.95}
the skirt // beaded ballerina skirt via forever21 {22.80}
the shoes // leona via dv by dolce vita {62.40} --- 25% off through 10/10
the top // tiered pussy bow blouse via a | wear {43.65}

{ hello munday } ... on a tuesday

if you follow along on twitter, you already know that i've been under the weather for the past week & a half. finally i gave in yesterday and went to the doc. it's amazing how much better i feel already after 1 day on the correct meds. doh.

so i'm back today w/ another {hello munday} on a tuesday - filled w/ sthings to inspire the week ahead:

{source: eat // workmanfamily, drink // closet cooking, make // better homes & gardens}

eat // these adorable mummy oreo cookie pops from the workman family blog. such a cute idea! thankfully there are gluten free "oreos" bc i definitely plan to make these to share.

drink // pumpkin pie white hot chocolate from closet cooking! are you kidding me!?! and then go run 5 miles. totally worth it thought, right??? i wonder if it would taste all right w/ skim milk.

make // pumpkin candy corn! i love this adorable idea from better homes & gardens. i really need to get to it and decorate for fall.

 {source: win // smashed peas & carrots, wear // unkown}

win // 10 yards of WAVERLY fabric for all of your fall sewing projects through this giveaway by smashed peas & carrots! oh i really hope maggie picks me bc i have a long list of homemade christmas presents to get started on! ;)

wear // absolutely in love w/ this outfit. the tulle skirt w/ military inspired jacket - perfect! a must do this fall. though i can't find the original source for this particular image (help?) ... i did find this similar tulle skirt @ zara for just 59.90.
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