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{simple things} vinegar!

this summer w + i have had a slight problem w/ fruit flies. we haven't had a full on infestation but there's been a stray fly or 2 hanging around basically all summer. grr. soooo frustrating. {so much so that i've almost mastered the obama fly catch} last night i took to the internet to find a fix!

vinegar to the rescue ...

{source: popsop.com}

to rid your home of fruit flies: pour a cup of vinegar (preferrably apple cider vinegar) into a jar and add a couple drops of dish soap. place the jar in the area where you've seen the fruit flies and wait for your little homemade trap to do its job!

as of this morning, i've proudly caught (and killed) 2 little boogers. yahoo!

this of course got me interested in more miracle uses for vinegar. there are so many sites dedicated to vinegar! would you believe it ... i even found a blog with 131 uses for vinegar! 131!!! i knew this stuff was a must-have around the house. but had no clue it's full potential.

10 other awesome uses:

1 // to prolong the life of flowers in a vase: simply add two tablespoons of vinegar + three tablespoons of sugar per quart of warm water.
2 // to make wool sweaters fluffier: drop in a couple capfuls of vinegar during the rinse cycle.
3 // to remove stubborn price tags or stickers: paint them w/ several coats of vinegar. let them soak for 5 minutes and then wipe away.
4 // to clean windows: mix 1/2 vinegar + 1/2 water in a spray bottle. dry off with newspaper.
5 // to remove water stain rings left behind on your coffee table: mix equal parts distilled vinegar and olive oil. rub with the grain and polish for best results.
6 // to unclog a drain: pour a handful of baking soda down the drain and add 1/2 cup of vinegar. then rinse w/ hot water.
7 // to substitute for lemon juice in a recipe: use 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar in place of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
8 // to prevent mildew in the shower: spray the shower walls w/ half vinegar and half water mix. (the same mix for your windows.)
9 // to remove odors from the kitchen sink: wipe down the entire sink w/ straight vinegar and then pour 1 cup down the drain. wait an hour before rinsing.
10 // to keep a carpet spill from staining: use a cloth to soak up as much liquid as possible. spray w/ your half vinegar/half water mix. let stand for 2 min then blot w/ a towel.

i love a good home remedy!

speaking of ... i stumbled upon this little baking soda/oj face mask earlier today. baking soda exfoliates the skin and clear blackheads while the orange juice tightens the pores and brightens the skin due to the vitamin c. what do you think? should we give it a try?

{source: glitter guide}

{hello munday}

eat // mushrooms! we're meal planning, people! in an effort to grocery shop wiser, i sat down yesterday w/ the calendar and planned out this weeks menu. we happen to be eating 2 meals w/ mushrooms this week: portobello mushroom pizzas (yum!) and a new italian chix crock pot meal later this week.

but by this time next week ... we should be able to eat 1 very special mushroom meal. we'll be harvesting our first batch of oyster mushrooms. one of wade'sfriends from his stint in boston sent us 2 back to the roots' mushroom kits as a wedding/anniversary gift. have you heard of this!?!

i'm still a little shy of fresh grown mushrooms. but wade is sooooo excited. and carefully watches our crop daily! :)

wear // lace this fall w/ the perfect silk blouse or a little knit dress or the perfect little sweater. okay okay - it's true i'm a sucker for lace + ivory. so this is RIGHT up my alley! love.

{source: we heart it}

make //
pretty little cake bunting w/ a bit of scrapbook paper + a glue stick, a bit of yarn or ribbon and 2 tiny dowel rods. this weekend we celebrated wade's big birthday. finally he and i are the same age again. ;)

*** inspired by the darling bunting on this yummy looking cake photographed by call me cupcake. now to learn to make cakes so lovely!

buy // an alphabet stamper like this one from sculpey. then ... take on this adorable diy catch-all plate via a brooklyn limestone in progress. a complete "ah ha" moment. and definitely a necessity for my upcoming pottery class, wouldn't you agree!?! :)

listen // the new jeff bridges album. i'm just going to admit that i find jeff bridges to be hot, hot, hot. i know he could be my grandpa. ha. so i'm pretty smitten w/ the new bluesy country sound of his album released earlier this month. have you had a listen? have one here!

Jeff Bridges' self-titled studio album comes out Aug. 16.
{source: Dustin Cohen}

happy munday, folks! :)

{yum} blackstone signature salad

i am absolutely in love w/ the signature salad at blackstone brewery. to me ... a salad is a salad. greens, nuts, dressing and maybe some dried fruit. BUT what sets the signature salad apart from all other salads? not 1 but 2 warm almond crusted goat cheese rounds. salivating yet?

in an effort to save a little cash ... i decided to create my own version of the signature salad (oh a gfree - since there's isn't!):

* goat cheese (i bought the original chavrie log)
* finely chopped almonds
* olive oil
* baby greens
* toasted almonds
* dried cherries
* raspberry vinaigrette

prep your space: you'll need 1 small plate for the chopped almonds & 1 small plate to put finished rounds.

slice off about 1/3" of goat cheese and roll it in your hands to create a little patty.
roll the patty in the chopped almonds until it is evenly coated w/ almonds on each side.

heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat.
sauté the rounds for about a minute and a half. flip to warm the other side. careful not to let them melt!

the perfect little signature salad:

baby greens
toasted almonds
dried cherries
raspberry vinaigrette
and ... yummy almond crusted goat cheese rounds!

{whatever wednesday} busy busy

i know i've been rather absent lately ...

in part because work has been extremely rough. so rough that the g.m. has put a bunch of new practices ... well ... into practice that will hopefully save me some time and major headache. thankfully each year the music business rests during the holiday season. and this year the holidays couldn't come fast enough!

in part because i might have bitten off more than i can chew w/ my 30 before 30 list. as an example ... last night after w + i returned from the gym, i spent an hour reviewing rosetta stone french followed by an hour practicing my penmanship. then i picked out a new book from time magazine's all time 100 novels --- animal farm which i continue to accidentally refer to as "animal house". while i keep reminding myself that i have ALL year ... quite a few of my tasks are monthly ... even weekly.

i did however finally finish + hang curtains in our living room and the bathroom! that means all of our rooms have curtains! and somehow that makes these rooms feel finished. of course ... who am i kidding ... there's no such thing as finished.

thanks for sticking around, folks. :)

{food for thought} meal swap: september edition

hey nashville peeps! it's that time again - time to round up meal swappers for september. we've had a bit of a slow summer w/ lots of people traveling - so we're hoping to get our meal swap to 8 swappers.

a few details about our group:

* our portions are perfect for a family of 2 (or 2 roommates).
* we live in the nashville area. pretty important!

not sure what i'm talking about? see here.

we'll most likely swap the weekend of september 3rd-4th - so i'll need to know who's interested by this friday (8/26) at the latest. that should give swappers plenty of time to prep! interested? email me ASAP here!

le menu:

1 // spanish eggplant
2 // buttermilk herb chix
3 // chix cacciatore
4 // chili con carne
5 // chix tortilla soup
6 // turkish pork chops
7 // apple cranberry pork loin
8 // moroccan hamburgers

how's that for variety!?! sounds yummy, eh!

{hello munday}

eat // or at least remember ... these awesome lunch box ideas for {someday} when i have kiddos - courtesy of this lunch rox. i love creative parenting. way to go, jamie.

{source: this lunch rox}

make //a bits and bobs wall inspired by dottie angel. over the years i've begun to collect lots of little lovelies but had no idea just how much fun it might be to display them all. i am absolutely in love w/ this creative space (and everything else dottie angel touches).

{source: dottie angel}

wear // this lucky brand tropicana paisley scarf. pretty dang excited about the cooler weather we've been having lately {even if it's only cooler as in upper 80s!}. yay for fall and layering w/ pretty pretty scarves!

{click to shop}

enter // this giveaway from waverly home and you could win a pack of waverly decorative trim!

{click to enter}

covet // this lovely coin clutch @ plumo! and while you're there, check the rest of their new fall collection!

{click to covet}

happy munday, folks! :)

on my merry way ...

... to illinois for a girls' weekend w/ my mom + her sisters. (i hope they don't mind that i'm tagging along.) but before i left town, i decided to leave wade a little something just to remind him that i think he's perty special.

armed w/ scrapbook paper, 6 pushpins and elmer's glue ...

and this little upcycled cork pirate ship diy from crafting a green world.

i saw 3 ships come sailing in ...

yes yes - those little pirate ships on crafting a green world were probably intended for little boys. but if our halloween costumes from last fall are any indication, my husband is definitely a little boy PIRATE at heart. {in fact every other picture of him on facebook is dressed as pirate. is that a problem!?!}

okay my party people ... have a great weekend!

*** random: today wade stopped by the office to eat lunch w/ me --- lovely to be soooo busy at work that i have to take lunches by computer monitor --- but that's beside the point. while he was here, he happened to find his BIRTHDAY PRESENT. apparently my husband isn't just a pirate ... he's also a detective. boo.

{wednes-DIY} feather earrings

i really should have jumped on the feather bandwagon a whole heck of a lot earlier. after a recent trip to michigan ... i noticed that the trend is starting to permeate the upper 50 and under 16 crowd. time to abandon ship!?!

nah ... i'm not quite ready to give up on my feather extensions yet (and there's a difference btwen natural feathers vs neon faux feathers.). HOWEVER i love the idea of picking and choosing when to accessorize w/ feathers. enter my friend faith.

{if i were super prepared i'd have a pic of her placed here}

faith has mastered the art thanks to a single feather earring she throws on every now and then. love it. so today in her honor ... i DIY my own! (not into wearing 1 earring? then dble up and make a pair!)

the supplies:
- loose rooster feathers (or your pre-made feather extension that fell out earlier this summer) ... you can find both on etsy.
- wire earring hook
- eye pin
- needle nose pliers and cutting pliers

1 // with your needle nose pliers, roll you eye pin into a spring w/ the eye remaining outside. (they probably sell something like this at a craft store store - but you know me ... i take the road less traveled!)

2 // group your feathers in the order you'd like them to lay. then lace them through the the side of the spring opposite the eye. pull the feathers through so there is a bit of excess (you can clip this later).

3 // use your pliers to flatten the spring tightly into what will look like a beehive. give the feathers a light tug to make sure that they do not slip out. here's where you can clip the excess.

4 // simply add your wire earring hook and you're finished!

how about a couple awkward pics of me modeling the finished product ... ;)

done & done!

{blog}share: embroidery mecca!

got a looooong list of embroidery projects piling up like me?

{source: 1, 2, 3, 4}

then ... may i introduce you to sarah's hand embroidery tutorials! big ol' exclamation point! best tutorial site i've found all year! :) she has tutorials of everything!

from the very basic {ie. chain stitch}:

{source: sarah's hand embroidery tutorials}

... to the more advanced {laced herringbone stitch}:

i might have to print EVERY single tutorial on her site for future reference (the whole "we don't have internet at the apt" thing really can be a bit of a prob at times.).

i can't wait for the weather to get a bit cooler. w + i find ourselves staying home a lot more during the fall and winter months. which means i get a whole lot of projects finished! speaking of which - it's about time to start working on christmas presents! :) i definitely learned last year that if you're going to do DIY gifts you can't start in december!

okay okay - what's your ultimate must do embroidery project at the moment?
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