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home sweet home

in one corner of one room if you stand on one foot (okay i made that last part up) … we have internet! truth is we’re stealing it from my great aunt that lives next door. the result --> remote blogging! :)

we arrived in m’ville late sunday. and kicked our vacation off by sleeping in until 8.30 monday am. that’s 3 hours later than usual! wade picked up a copy of hemmingway’s the sun also rises and i started a little sewing project. about midday, i finally changed out of my pjs and we took off to palestine, IL to hit up my absolute favorite antique store. i had been anticipating a visit to wonderland antiques for months … and they’ve moved to ARKANSAS. (congrats to my arkansas readers – best antique store ever.) we finished off the day w/ a trip out to the fairgrounds for the tractor/truck pull.

tuesday we slept in again and wade finished his book while i finished my sewing! (pretty excited to share my little creation once photographed.) we spent the afternoon at the city pool ... and wade has another killer sunburn. poor irish husband. in the evening, we went back out to the fair for the rodeo. wade was disappointed that i wasn't about to let him enter the last event of the night. get this - the first redneck to get a ribbon off a mad bull's horn won $100 dollars. and it only cost you $1 to enter. yikes!

confession: when i’m home in IL, i really really want to move back. wade reminds me that we have a great life in nashville (including careers!) – and that i would be bored out of my mind after a week. but when i’m here, i’m very convinced that a move to the country is just what i need. i mean truck pulls? rodeos? and tonight drag races? this is the life! ;)

today ... i’m daydreaming about this little farmhouse built in the mid-1800s:

it needs a little work ... okay okay the floor boards are completely rotted out. but $40K - for 4 acres and a pond ... i see possibility!

{simple things} retreat

{source: pinterest}

i have been incredibly absent this week. and i'm really hoping i haven't lost all of my followers (still there, mom?). it's weeks like this that i really wish i had a blog partner - any "mundays" out there want to jump on board? ugh. too specific blog title gets you every time.

it's 10.40 on saturday morning and w/ the addition of 3 hours this am ... i am at last officially ready to leave town! wade comes home from dc tonight - and then we'll leave after church tomorrow.

where are we heading? well unfortunately we don't have the funds to go some place exotic this year (aka morrocan getaway part deux). instead we're heading to martinsville, il - pop. 1194.

it's fair week! the martinsville agricultural fair to be exact. my entire life we've headed to my grandparent's home for fair week - the only week of the year that grandma would lock the door. we would bet malone's taffy on the horse races, peruse the art hall and livestock barns with grandpa, and spend our evenings enjoying the events under the lights of the grandstand. when the sun was just too hot on the midway, we would head to the moonshine country store for a moonburger and a coke (cash only of course). or head to the casey swimming pool for a dip. or even better play a round of back alley bridge w/ my great aunt leona.

this year will be different than any year before. the house will be empty when wade and i arrive. my grandma is now living in a nursing home and my mom is spending the entire month of june visiting my sister leigh in hawaii. we will be thrilled to see my sister brooke and her family, my brother ross and his girlfriend, my dad and my aunt jill late in the week.

we are grateful for the retreat. and i am anxious for quiet ... for peace ... for walks ... for the smell of my grandpa that still lingers throughout the house ... for fresh watermelon on the sunporch ... for long drives through the country where you can see the entire milky way.

packing my sewing machine + knitting needles. and wade will pack too many books ... guaranteed. hopefully there will be spotty dial-up internet enough that i can blog. but if not ... i hope you find time to retreat this week too.

{whatever wednesday} pantone!

when work is THIS crazy ... i retreat every free moment i can get. today that little pinwheel is a turning more than usual while my mac considers whether it wants to open my file or not. so i've been day dreaming about color ... pantone® color:

Set of 24http://www.pantone.com/images/pages/20758/wallpaper/191C_320x480.jpg

1 // uncommon goods pantone® folding chairs {75.00}
2 // dick blick pantone® universe colored pencils {29.59}
3 // whitbread & wilkinson's pantone® espresso set {50.00}
4 // pantone® wallpaper for your ipad, iphone or desktop {FREE}
4 // sonia spencer designs pantone® cufflinks {67.00}

and just for kicks ... pantone has joined w/ michele bernhardt to provide you with your colorstrology:

{click above to get your own!}

too funny that my color would be sunflower. my best friend laura loves sunflowers - but they are definitely my least favorite flower ... hmm. i apologize colorstrology followers ... but i will not be "wearing or surrounding myself w/ sunflower" anytime in the near future.

okay back to it! :)

{weekend update} home alone ...

wade left town yesterday for a week in DC. he gets back either saturday evening or sunday morning - and then we leave for a week in rural illinois - aka vacation (internet status is still up in the air)! we get back the following saturday just in time for our friend clay's birthday and a family reunion on the 4th. and THEN wade heads back out on the road to albuquerque, detroit and seattle for another week and a half.

i mentioned to wade when i first found out about all his travel that i was going to clean the house - top to bottom. all the stuff you only do once or twice a year (base boards, blinds ... you know the drill). but my sweet friends - having found out i was home alone - have been calling and scheduling events left and right to keep me occupied. good friends rock.

tonight: dinner + packing w/ sean + whit
tomorrow: bible study @ our place
weds: dinner w/ laura
thurs: climbing w/ samantha
fri: dinner + concert w/ emily

as excited as i am about catching up w/ friends, i squeezed in a little me time yesterday. including a trip to the antique shops in goodlettsville where i found the perfect linens to finish curtain #2. and a date night w/ my knitting needles and sewing machine.

i also found this little dress at goodwill for 6 bucks:

she has the prettiest little red scalloped hem ...

but let's face it people - on a print THIS busy, is there really a need for extra beading?

a quick "de"dazzle (get it?) + the addition of a little braided leather belt ... and i think she's pretty sweet:

{no explanation for that funky face. this is the reason i do not do fashion posts often. it's miserable taking pictures of myself and worse weeding through all the duds! i should share those. ha.}

hope you're finding "me" time in all the business of summer as well! xo.

{food for thought} betty crocker?

i've been gluten free (except a minor slip up at bonnaroo*) for 3 weeks now!

instead of heading to whole foods day 1 and stocking up on all sorts of bread, cookie and pasta substitutes - i've pretty much kept my usual diet: oatmeal for breakfast - vegetables, chicken/salmon, rice for lunch/dinner - fresh fruit in between. i've opted for corn tortillas when we hit up mexican and icecream or a popsicle for dessert instead of chocolate cake.

i have however been missing donuts (i never really craved them before!) and i know it's only days before wade begs me to make my spinach feta lasagna rolls again. so it's time, people. time to start weeding through the "not so yummy" gfree items to find the winners.

last night, we tried out betty crocker's gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix:

i'm a little sad that it took me a week to build up the courage to bake these bad boys. you have to understand ... i'm gag-frequent. it takes a lot of convincing for me to try something i might not like, bc i know what the outcome might be. but wade, our friend ketric, and i agree - these were really really yummy. while i probably will try to find a gfree choc chip cookie recipe from scratch (to save $), i'm thrilled to have this last minute sweet fix.

kudos to betty for considering the dietary needs of 2 of her gfree employees and not only creating 4 gluten free options (white/choc cake, brownies and cc cookies) but also building a separate gluten free processing facility for these treats. find fun recipes based on her mixes here.

my friend faith has been telling me "no one can come close to udi's". and i plan to make a trip to trader joe's next week to pick up a loaf of bread and/or granola. ... now to find a good pasta substitute. recommendations?

after dinner and a ride around town in the back of ketric's jeep (feeling 16 again!), i found a few spare seconds to begin a little project!

a pile of doilies, hankerchiefs, and other random linens ...

... a few pins here and there ...

... and i have 1 curtain panel for our bathroom pieced together.

... now to garage sale for additional pieces to make a "mismatched" pair. and then while wade is traveling, i'll finish and hang.

have a wonderful weekend, blogosphere. :)
i needed this little "retreat" blog post today. thank you!

* to explain my moment of weakness, after 2 days of ordering gyros w/out the pita and buritos w/out the taco shell. i had a HOTDOG + the bun. yikes. i know. what a waste of my weak moment. i could have had banana bread or crepes. ugh. stupid me. of course then i woke up w/ another rash (not hives) but what i call "texture" on tuesday. maybe the hotdog bun? maybe the workload?

pulling my hair out ...

i have 7 albums due to the plant by next thursday!!! that's right i said SEVEN.

4 to art direct and 3 to design in house. not to mention my regular crazy workload ... 2 digital books, 3 stickers, countless ads, 10 catalog ocards, 2 photo shoots to choose selects from and a couple of christmas pitches (yes i said christmas!). i'm pulling my hair out here!

wade is heading out of town on sunday for the week - the big national conference he's been planning for months. and then IF i can wrap all 7 of my projects, we are leaving town for an entire week. heading to rural illinois and eliminating all forms of work communication! {fingers crossed} again ... i'm pulling my hair out here!

speaking of hair ... i got a bit of a trim last night. as much as i would love to go crazy - and try something in the sincerley, jules vein ...

... i opted for my same ol' same ol'.

i've mentioned before that i'm growing my hair out. it was chin length before i met wade. over the years, it's been a bit of everything - short, long, curly, straight, highlighted, lowlighted ... even red at one point (i'll try to find proof!)! currently ... i'm plain jane - long and natural.

and with every inch, i am more motivated to let it grow and grow.

they say you should get your hair chopped every 6-8 weeks to keep it healthy, right!?! 6-8 weeks for me is cutting off the most recent growth. sigh. but then there's the issue of split ends if you don't regularly trim!?! ho hmm.

confession: i am a bit obsessed w/ trimming my split ends! it's pretty much my go-to when i'm bored or in an uncomfortable situation ... or just breathing.

my latest plan of attack ... better product. specifically - the dermOrganic morrocan argan oil hair treatment trio:

dermOrganic uses argan oil - which i've spoken about before. while we were honeymooning in essaouira, morocco we were told over and over and over again to pick up a bottle of two of argan oil bc it's so much cheaper there. of course instead, wade ended up with a white linen hippie shirt (that he's never worn in public!) and i ended up w/ some leather elf looking shoes (that i've never worn in public!). and then about a month after returning to the states, i found a sample of pure argan oil at sephora and have been hooked (and broke) ever since!

dermOrganic's argan oil hair treatments claim to provide nourishment for the hair with radiant and healthy shine. in addition to argan oil, they are rich in omega-6, antioxidants and vitamin E that penetrate the hair to create a barrier against the damaging effects of heat, sun and wind. oh - and they're 100% vegan and gluten free. sweet!

today is day 2 - and i'll admit my hair looks good. and it smells good! :)

what are your split end tricks? ... and what do you think - should i go crazy and get a subtle ombre w/ birthday money later this summer!?! (crazy subtle, if you will.)

music saves mountains ...

i mentioned before that wade and i volunteered at bonnaroo this past weekend w/ the nrdc. to tell you the truth - i wasn't too familiar w/ the cause until we arrived. now i'm rather passionate and had to share w/ you all.

we worked a tent for "music saves mountains" - bringing awareness to mountaintop removal coal mining.

what is mountaintop removal?

instead of extracting coal from underground, mountaintop removal blasts away mountain peaks to access the coal underneath. today, there have been over 500 peaks destroyed (devastation the size of the state of delaware), cleared over a million acres, and over 2500 local rivers and streams have been buried from debris from the blasts - polluting drinking water with toxic waste and sacrificing the safety of countless communities. the economy of appalachia has also been greatly affected. in the last 30 years, mountaintop removal in west virginia has increased production by 140% while eliminating more than 40,000 jobs.

{source: steve shames / j henry fair}

the appalachian mountains are america's oldest mountains filled w/ fresh streams & rivers that have for hundreds of years provide millions of americans w/ clean drinking water. with the future of america's oldest mountains at stake, singers and musicians have come together to fight for these cherished mountains where american music and countless songs were born.

the nrdc premiered the film "the last mountain" on thursday night and then again inside our makeshift mountain/chill zone at sundown throughout the rest of the weekend (until our projector was stolen. boo hiss.). it is a documentary on the battle over one of these mountains:

this issue hits home, nashvillians! over 250 mountains have been blown to smithereens in kentucky. nashville, tn is directly downstream from this destruction.

our goal at bonnaroo was to get the word out and get people involved by petitioning the president to change the legislation. find out more about the issues here. and be sure to sign on w/ the cause here.

{simple things} stumped

after a long (hot + dirty) weekend ... i'm on empty today! you could pretty much say i'm "stumped" creatively. bah ha - now you see my level of desperation.

a short happy list of simple wood inspired decor:


1 // tree-stump side table - west elm
2 // pando floor lamp - anthropologie
3 // wedding centerpiece - style me pretty (photo: carlie statsky)
4 // tree cake stand diy - once wed
5 // log salt & pepper shakers - old faithful shop
6 // wood slice walkway - landmarcs (photo: katy elliot)

time for a nature walk to do a little DIY supplies gathering!

{weekend update} bonnaroo!

in centeroo w/ nekos, ellen + tessa
of black and white and loved all over
{source: nekos barnes}

lots and lots of new music on my mind this monday morning following a fantastic (as well as dirty + hot) weekend at bonnaroo. while i of course loved catching the shows on the main stages (um - mumford and sons - yes please!) ... my favorite stage by far had to be the sonic stage. it gives fans the chance to see the performers in a much more intimate & rare setting.

my all-time favorite performance was definitely songwriter and clawhammer banjo player abigail washburn. she's illinois-born, nashville-based like me. and though i didn't realize it at the time, i first heard her sing at my sweet friend samantha's wedding a little over 2 years ago. as part of her new record city of refuge release tour, abigail joined w/ producer tucker martine (the decemberists, tift merritt, mudhoney) on the sonic stage saturday morning to share a short set.

almost 10 years ago, abigail washburn was preparing to move to china to attend law school in beijing university. before moving overseas, she embarked on a road trip down the east coast to study the banjo and was offered a record deal. talk about a quick change of plans! :) she now mixes american folk music + bluegrass w/ chinese folk music.

check out abigail washburn's npr tiny desk concert to learn all about her fantastic journey:

{look for less} free people

we're having friends over for dinner tonight (the menu: ham steak + chili gravy + cheesy polenta - yum!). and i won't be able to head home during my lunch hour tomorrow because i have a photo shoot ... so i'm left to finally prep for bonnaroo tomorrow night. we're only going for the last 2 days - 1 night of camping. some fresh fruit, camping supplies, sunscreen, comfy shoes ... and necessary squeeze breeze and we should be good.

however - yesterday while waiting on my boss amidst the cma fest madness downtown - i had plenty of time (almost 2 hours) to people watch. and i started to think attire. observation // as cute as those tops are w/ lace backs, they'll leave wicked suntan lines. this wouldn't be so bad if wade and i had a beach trip planned for the near future (say hawaii to visit my sister) - aka another opportunity to get sun. but we're paying uncle sam this summer!

so this weekend is mission: get a tan. (i might have even convinced wade into wearing a man tank. might have ...

and since i haven't done a {look for less} lately. i thought i'd find inspiration for my bonnaroo wardrobe through this outfit available @ free people. enjoy!


the top:

l: free people convertible crochet halter {89.95}
r: express crochet cami {23.95}

the skirt:

l: free people tiered maxi skirt {89.95}
r: alloy selene tiered skirt {34.90}

the slip:

Derby Dots Cream Lace Maxi Dress
l: free people point d'esprit maxi slip {98.00}
r: lulu derby dots cream lace maxi dress {59.00}
perfect ... except in ivory only. boo hiss.

the jewelry:

l: free people millau wrap bracelet {258.00}
r: fullofcraft on etsy leather wrap bracelet {27.00}

the hat:

l: free people janis brimmed wool tall hat {68.00}
r: american apparel wool floppy hat {40.00}

free people {603.90}
my look {193.85}

music city!

nashville is always all about music - but this week it's OVER THE TOP. we've earned our nickname "music city" w/ both CMA music fest and bonnaroo in town. i'm about to jump head first into the madness for the CMT awards tonight. then saturday, wade and i leave bright and early to catch the final 2 days of bonnaroo.

{the cmt awards!}

both present the perfect people watching opportunities. here's to fanny pack clad rednecks ... followed by smelly bra-less hippies!

hopefully i can find time for a good ol' blog post in between!

{photo courtesy: whitney bell}

{home sweet home} our "office"

okay truth be told ... we don't have an office. our apt is tiny - so every room is multi-purposed. we have a bedroom/library/attic/office w/ 1 wall dedicated to be our "office". and for the longest time - this space has been really difficult to pull together. but i'm finally ready to share our progress thus far:

* the furniture: it's amazing what a little stain + new nobs (and scrap fabric) can do for old furniture. wade got this ol' desk for free after college - and we found that little wooden file cabinet for $10 dollars on craigslist.

* the art: wade has a fantastic print of gallatin, tn - his hometown - in the early 1900s. i definitely wanted to find a place for it in the apt. the poor guy has had to sacrifice quite a bit of his decor (not really sure how to incorporate pirate flags, african masks, etc). i found an early print of my grandma's hometown - which i've adopted as my own ... and the 2 are now featured above the desk beside my sewing notions wall art (thanks to design*sponge!).

* the accessories: while i'm still hoping to find a thick horse hair brush to create one of these + a wire basket for all our filing ... i am smitten w/ the test tube set wade's mom found for us! hopeful to find those missing pieces during an upcoming trip to illinois (antiques are so much cheaper above the mason-dixon line!) i also recently came across a new way of storing ribbon - and i am definitely going to have to copy! we should probably also add a plant to that poor empty pot - woops.

Vintage Pair of Wire Desk Baskets

* school inspired: i love how cool our ruler lamp {find the diy here} looks hanging next to our new addition - the chalkboard door (unfortunately not an entire wall - but much easier to cover up when we move on). not nearly as fantastic as dana tanamachi's creations ... but w + i are currently enjoying my humble attempt.
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