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{inspire} patchwork curtains

you know the saying "when it rains, it pours"? well wade and i had one of those weekends. ending w/ my poor husband throwing his back out (you should see him - hobbling around like an 80 year old man.). and icing on the cake - a slight fender bender after yoga this am!

so today i'm daydreaming about a peaceful weekend at home next weekend (only 3.5 more days to go!). and some patchwork curtains for our bathroom based on loads of inspiration:


ps - have you been introduced to dottie angel? just happened upon her blog this afternoon - and now i have a big ol' blog crush:

{source: dottie angel}

it's a living daydream. say it with me "so inspired" ... now to find the right fabric.

{source: dottie angel}

{closet intervention} outerwear

i was out of the office all day last wednesday for a photo shoot (my favorite "office" days). again on thursday for a worship retreat. friday was a day of catchup around the office. then we spent saturday + sunday w/ wade's family. at one point, there were ELEVEN neices/nephews running around. needless to say - i couldn't find time to post. grr. finally a free moment ...

have you been keeping up with the {closet intervention} posts? if you've missed them - catch up: the pants, the dresses/skirts, + the tops. hopefully this feature isn't getting old! next week it's a wrap (plus we talk shoes - my favorite!). and today ... we talk outwear:

{it's sort of inopportune time to talk outerwear - summer and all - so some of my finds are limited in size. sorry!}

Image 1 of ASOS Collarless Double Breasted CoatImage 1 of ASOS Boyfriend Blazer
{click to shop}

the essentials - and my must-have:

1 // wool winter coat - asos collarless double breasted coat {64.63}
2 // lightweight trench - gap the soft trench {89.95}
3 // cropped jacket -urban outfitters cooperative cropped verona blazer {59.99}
4 // menswear-inspired blazer - asos boyfriend blazer {101.56}

okay - time to get back to family! hope you all are have a fantastic memorial day w/ family + friends. we're heading over to celebrate w/ the lovely ellen (and nekos) of black and white and loved all over later today!

also thinking of my brother-in-law and sister (and their little boys) today. leigh and brandon moved to hawaii last weekend where they will be stationed for the next 18mos, and brandon deploys next weekend. we love you all, miss you so much and are very thankful for your sacrifice! xo.

{simple things} 31 bits ..

another jewelry post! (sensing a theme? i obviously have a one track mind!)

more than once i've asked my friends kristin and ashley about the adorable paper bead jewelry they've been wearing. and more than once they've introduced me to 31 bits. finally last night i wrote it down - bc i just had to share!

{click to shop}

each piece of jewelry is handmade using 100% recycled paper and other local materials. lovely, right!?!

but we're not just talking EXTERNAL beauty ... this little company has a great big heart!

in 2007, co-founder kallie dovel traveled to uganda for the summer. she returned w/ a box of jewelry made by local women and the dream of launching a company to market and sell their beads. a year later, she returned to uganda w/ a few friends. they selected six women to begin buying jewelry from on a monthly basis. only 3 years later - they have now grown to 63 women.

through 31 bits, women earn an instant income and are equipped w/ literacy education, financial and vocational training, holistic care, and strong support systems. empowering women to rise above poverty through fashion + design! love it!

so ... how can we get involved?

1 // buy something! visit the shop here.
2 // throw a house party! say what?!? a house party! 31 bits sends you a box of jewelry. then, you invite your friends over to purchase one of their incredible pieces of jewelry while hearing stories about the women of 31 bits. (get more info here.)

i'm definitely thinking a party is in order! so nashville peeps - are you interested if i sign us up?

{shop etsy} babette

speaking of "be jeweled" ... have you discovered jewelry designer babette on etsy?

{click to shop}

i am in love w/ babette's pretty floral necklaces!!

{click to shop}

definitely hoping for that pretty russian gold tulip necklace for my birthday. yes it's still 3 months away. (wade/mom - talk amongst yourselves!)

in the meantime - over the upcoming 3 DAY WEEKEND ... i might have to try my luck at my own version of something from their leather collection. also - so stunning:

{click to shop}

oh and bonus feature ...

honestlywtf has done it again! check out their latest DIY - pom pom necklace. definitely could be a fun addition to my collection.

the original:

{source: nicole akong}

their version:

{source: honestlywtf}

{food for though} meal swap: june edition

hi folks! we're rounding up meal swappers for june. and it looks like we're going to have quite a few openings because our regular swappers are traveling throughout the summer. you can read all about our meal swap here - and let me know if you're interested. (first come, first serve!)

a few details about our group:

* we pull recipes from the book "fix, freeze, feast".
* we do 1/2 portions - perfect for a family of 2 (or 2 roommates).
* we aren't a specialty group - that means we eat meat + grains. while we strive to be healthy, we aren't strictly organic either.
* we live in the nashville area. pretty important unless you're willing to commute! ha.

our past menus have included:

mango + cranberry stuffed chix
tequilla lime chix
chix curry
pork loin w/ apricot + apple sausage stuffing
chix brocoli bake
black bean + veggie chili
vegetable lasagna
mexi stuffed peppers

cashew chix stir-fry
dave's swap blues bbq chix
sweet asian chix
caribbean port tenderloin
feta/spinach lasagna rolls
basil-balsalmic pork chops
black bean vegetable chili

yum! interested now!?!

we'll most likely swap next weekend (the 4th or 5th) - so i'll need to know who's interested early next week! email me ASAP here!

gluten-free + vegan desserts ...

besides plain ol' fruit?!?
need suggestions ... STAT!

be jeweled ...

a couple of years ago, i remember being dragged to a jewelry party where the host proclaimed "no outfit is complete w/out jewelry." and then went on and on about how wearing jewelry will give you that confidence to get the job you've been seeking or that boy you've had your eye on and therefore married and successful.

i've never really been one to accessorize very well. last week i wore a bracelet one day - and wade told me that i looked like a rockstar. (actually he said janis joplin - which is totally hip but honestly she always looked a bit disheveled - good thing i can read wade-speak and know he really meant "rockstar".)

to be honest - i would love to accessorize more. i definitely do think the right necklace or earrings completes and outfit! i just don't have the right necklace or earrings. ha. my collection is incredibly pathetic.

so my mission over the weekend was to make/find some new pieces:

1 // last week, i go by katie shared a pretty pretty compass necklace from her collection. so elegant and pretty (just like her blog):

{source: i go by katie}

i happened upon a broken watch at an estate sale saturday morning that was equally pretty - and only $2.00. i simply remove the links from the watch band and laced a $3.00 chain through one side of the watch head. and now i have a very similar necklace of my own (eat your heart out, flavor flav!):

2 // have you discovered honestlywtf? love their tutorials - especially this braided hex nut DIY they did to knock off this awesome piece from giles & brother.

{source: giles & brother}

super cute (not to mention rockstar) and super easy! i decided to play off the original a bit more than the girls on honestlywtf and definitely will be making myself a few more! sooooo cool:

3 // last but not least, another estate sale find ... this little butterfly charm was only $1.50. i saved it from the turquoise rope thingy it was hanging sadly from - and updated it with a tiny little leather strap and gold clasp. it might be my new favorite:

i have been bookmarking so many more ideas! now to find some more time ...

{closet intervention} the tops

i did a little shopping last night! and wade informed me this morning that he was proud of me. i guess it has been a while since i bought myself a couple of things - not including craft supplies or things for the house.

i was proud of myself too ... i stuck to the list! i found a great pair of sanctuary casual chinos for just $29.99 and 2 rebecca beason scoop neck tees (black/white) on sale for $9.99 (marked down from $82.00) according to today's {closet intervention}. don't get me wrong - i definitely carried my usual armful of random items around the store. but the point is i convinced myself to only purchase these 3 staple items! victory! (also a lesson in patience ... once i have my essentials together, you can bet i'll add some of those accent pieces.)

today we're talking {closet intervention} tops:

{click to shop}

the essentials - and my must-have:

1 // white cotton button down shirt - urban outfitters bdg classic breezy button-down {19.99}
2 // white silk button down shirt - asos bow blouse {55.40}
3 // fitted tees (white/black/grey) - old navy scoop-neck tee {8.50}
4 // fitted tanks (white/black/grey) - jcrew perfect-fit tank {14.50} ... i have about 8 of these (w/ at least 5 in white!)

{click to shop}

the essentials - and my must-have:

5 // long-sleeve striped tee - jcrew perfect-fit stripe snap tee {39.50}
6 // neutral cardigan - gap beaded grandpa cardigan {34.99}
7 // colored cardigan - ruche pick-a-posy cardigan {43.99}
8 // flowy floral blouse - anthropologie heartsease habotai blouse {98.00} ... this was sort of a challenge for me as i'm not always that into girlie girlie floral prints. though a little xtra $ - i do love this little top.
9 // thin v-neck sweater - madewell academy sweater {39.99} ... LOVE the bleached linen. in case you really want to buy this for me - i wear a medium!
10 // tunic length top or sweater - dkny pullover w/ ruched side seam {86.99}

okay - confession: i am the queen of cardigans! so that's 2 items automatically marked off this list. then again ... isn't that pick-a-posy cardigan cute. hmm ... maybe it wouldn't hurt to have just one more. ha ha.

your turn - what item off the {closet intervention} list thus far do you have covered?

{someday} a chalk board wall

today i have fallen head over heels in love w/ new york based graphic designer and "custom chalk letterer" dana tanamachi.

{source: dana tanamachi}

{someday} wade and i will have a chalkboard wall. and then we'll invite dana over to decorate it ... come on - it could happen. i'm daydreaming afterall!

{source: dana tanamachi}

our {someday} list is growing while we're in our teeny apartment: it doesn't have stairs to number or a backyard to hang dry our laundry or the option to wallpaper an entire room in maps or even a claw foot tub. yes - despite all those missing pieces, we love it!

... BUT we do have lots and lots of walls and we're allowed to paint! hmm. wheels turning.

{french kissed} la vie en rose

oh sweet pomplamoose ... thank you for being my background music while i am stiiiiiiiillll working on our wedding book. xo.

angry birds addicted? not me. but definitely my sweet husband, wade. check out their latest.

you sexy thang ...

what is it about ruffles!?!

love this little ruffled bikini from jcrew. though i don't know if i'd be brave enough to wear it out of the house. then again - that might not be such a bad thing! ;)

{click to shop}
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