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our wedding: flowers

we decided to save $ by doing all the flowers for our wedding ourselves!

i pulled tear sheets of ideas for months - and worked with a fantastic wholesaler in town (import flowers). after the rehearsal dinner, we went to town! so thankful for my best friend laura, sister leigh, mom and fantastic groom who worked their tails off.

i think the flowers turned out perfect ...

{photos: adrian hitt photography}

here's what we ordered and how it was used:
in total we spent about $650 buckaroos - but we made 7 ceremony mason jars, 9 boutonnieres, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 flower girl crown, 1 bouquet for me, 6 corsages, and 26 centerpieces ... and we had plenty of left overs which were scattered around the reception in random jars & buckets. a pretty sweet deal!

need to save a pretty penny for your own wedding? you can do it. we did!

weekend update: more sleep please!

wade and i spent the weekend apart {maybe our first weekend apart since we got married?}

i went to north carolina on a ski trip with a group of high school kids from north nashville:

{lovely phone shots!}

and wade went hiking and camping w/ a couple of friends:

{i encouraged him to take pictures with people in them this trip. ha!
you should see his bachelor weekend pictures: the cabin, the landscape ... but not a single picture of the guys or the groom! much better this time around ... i esp love the self portrait in the car window. xo.}

taking bets on who is more exhausted! ;)

happy monday!

"put a bird on it"

while researching finds for yesterday's animal-inspired "whatever wednesday" ... i was reminded how bird obsessed the design world is currently. love this clip from portlandia - a 6-part IFC original short-based comedy series - (tweeted by design*sponge this am) ... so i had to share:

it only gets better ... check out putabirdonit.com!! we're totally in style --- click here!

catch portlandia fridays @ 10:30pm on IFC

whatever wednesdays: animal inspired

i am not one to decorate with animal print. and we're not getting an indoor pet any time in the near future. but these guys are welcome in our apartment any time!!!

1) this adorable "scratch my back" cheese grater (designboom).

2) these lovely bird salad plates from pottery barn (and nest chargers of course!.

3) this winking owl cookie jar from anthropologie:

and of course ...

4) this squirrel nutcracker from west elm that wade got me for christmas:

french kissed: the pouf

okay okay - not really french related ... other than the name of this little lovely ... but i am in love with this "french pouf" from ban.do. in fact, i'm in love with about everything on the site! cute cute cute.

{click an item to visit the shop!}

yes - especially the heart shoe clips just in time for valentine's day!
idea! visit ban.do and then leave a comment here letting me know your favorite(s)!

our wedding: 4 months ago today ...

we were married!

{photo courtesy: adrian hitt photography}

i can't believe i've been so slow to post pictures! my goal this week is to figure out which pictures we want in our photobook & printed for the house. and i plan to blog a bit as i sort.

(someone please tell me how to begin to narrow down the memories ... i mean ... photos! this process might kill me.)

tues-DIY: heart on my sleeve fingerless gloves


1 skein of yarn for "sleeve"
1 skein of yarn for hearts (this actually doesn't take very much yarn ... so leftovers from an earlier project will work!)
1 pair size 8 needles
crochet hook
yarn needle

4 stitches and 6 rows equals 1 inch

  • k - knit
  • p - purl
  • st(s) - stitch(es)
  • m1r (make 1 right) - insert left needle from back to front into the horizontal strand btwn the last st worked and the next st on the left needle. knit this strand through the front loop to twist the st, creating a right-leaning st.
  • m1l (make 1 left) - insert left needle from front to back into the horizontal strand btwn the last st worked and the next st on the left needle. knit this strand through back loop to twist the st, creating a left-leaning st.
  • ssk (slip slip knit) - slip 2 sts knitwise one at a time from the left needle to the right needle. insert the tip of the left needle into the front of both sts and knit the 2 sts together.
  • k2tog (knit 2 together)
  • p2tog (purl 2 together)

sleeve directions (make 2):
loosely cast on 38 sts

row 1: k38 - knit each stitch across the row
row 2: k6 p26 k6 - knit the first 6 stitches. purl the next 26 sts, remembering to bring the yarn to the front of the project. move the yarn to the back again, and knit the last 6 stitches.

repeat rows 1&2 until the sleeve measures long enough from the cast on edge to wrap around your wrist. i did 40 rows - so it was a little shorter than 7"s.

bind off. w/ crochet hook, weave in yarn ends.

fold so that the cast on edge and the bound off edge meet w/ the right side facing in. stitch these edges together leaving an inch "un"joined 1"-1.5" from the top for your thumb.

voila - very basic sleeves!

heart directions (make 2):
cast on 2 stitches.

row 1: purl
row 2: k1, m1r, m1l, k1 - 4 sts
row 3: purl
row 4: k1, m1r, k2, m1l, k1 - 6 sts
row 5: purl
row 6: k1, m1r, k4, m1l, k1 - 8 sts
row 7: purl
row 8: k1, m1r, k6, m1l, k1 - 10 sts
row 9: purl

(begin knitting top right of heart)
row 10: k1, ssk, k2 - 4 sts
row 11: purl these 4 sts
row 12: ssk, k2tog - 2 sts
row 13: p2tog - 1 st
break yarn and pull tight through remaining st (leave a yarn end about 5" long)

(reattach yarn at remaining 5 sts to knit the left top of heart)
row 1: k2, k2tog, k1 - 4 sts
row 2: purl
row 3: ssk, k2tog - 2 sts
row 4: p2tog - 1st
break yarn and pull tight through remaining st (again leave a yarn end about 5" long)

w/ the yarn needle & yarn ends from the heart (there will be 4 - the one you began with, the end of the top right, the beginning of the top left, and the end of the top left), attach the heart to sleeve. weave in all the ends.

that's it! :) hope you love these as much as i do!

tues-DIY preview: heart on my sleeve fingerless gloves

lately i've been knitting ... a lot!

the problem with knitting is that it can take a loooong time to finish a project. {i'm to the heel of my first sock! yay!} so i decided to squeeze in a small knitting project (perfect for beginners - like me) ... just in time for valentine's day.

a preview while i finish up the pattern:

{blog}share: tshirt necklace

came across this little recycled DIY on wholeliving.com last week (they credit cucumbersome.com for the original idea) - and have been dying to give it a try. FINALLY got around to it last night.

{click above to go to the DIY}

i'm pretty happy with how mine turned out - RED of course for valentine's day. i used a child's size small t-shirt. i might recommend getting an adult size tshirt for more loops and more length. love the look of this necklace doubled up! (i might just have to make another - an excuse for a necklace in an additional color!)

now i have the necklace itch. check out this lovely find from mayfly designs i found while wandering the world wide web. googling tutorials for pinwheels NOW! :)

wishlist: oh okay ... i'll spend 500+ buckaroos on new tires

{sometimes being an adult really STINKS! doesn't it!?!}

but if i had $500 to spend on fun stuff ... i'd probably buy:

1) this pair of frye boots i've had my eye on for quite some time now. love. --- $250.00

{photo courtesy: i go by katie}

2) this little rustic tool caddy from etsy for our coffee table. --- $40.00

3) this red skirt from uo just in time for valentine's day! --- $60.00

4) some divine twine ... you can never have enough baker's twine! --- $30.00

5) 2 new emma salad plates from pottery barn to make up for the 2 that broke over holiday. {by the way - i still get giddy every time we have dinner and get to use these beauties. i LOVE them!} --- $20.00

6) this butterfly necklace from etsy ... another reminder that spring is just around the corner! --- $25.00

7) and a refill of toleriane facewash from la roche-posay. heaven! --- $25.00

oh ... and i guess i should put down something for wade. i bet i sound so SELFISH. but this is a wish list. ha!

8) this sun-washed flannel shirt from jcrew. i love men in white shirts. i love men in flannel shirts. it's a happy medium. yum! --- $75.00

weekend update: sick day!

{photo courtesy: pinterest.com}

wade and i had a ridiculous unproductive weekend! i was feeling under the weather starting about weds of last week. remarkably - i don't feel bad about it at all! (yes ... me - the one who can't watch tv without ironing or knitting or at least straightening during commercials!) it has been go go go since the holidays - and it felt nice to retreat and recoup.

we did however find time to ...
* clean the apt and organize our files.
* watch "the social network" --- {have you seen it?}
* rid the hall of excess wedding supplies - at last!
* purchase new tires (ick!)
* make homemade sushi (yum!)
* take a drive and dine in franklin.
* conquer chapter 3 of our french lessons (twice - once for him and once for me!)
* dine with ellen and nekos of blackandwhiteandlovedallover.com
* attend church & sign up for a new couples study
* meet w/ my high school girls

finally i woke up this morning feeling myself again. and i have a couple new ideas to share this week! yay.

we're official ...


{update your blog feeds!}

felt friday/Fri-DIY: felt pansies!

i had a blog friend ask me a while back to post a DIY on felt flowers. i can't believe i'm just getting around to this today ... but w/ another snow in nashville - i am definitely getting spring fever.


* 1 sheet of felt for your petals
* 1 sheet of felt for your leaves
* embroidery thread & needle
* 2 circle templates or circular items to trace (i used a votive candle and a quarter)
* pencil
* scissors

step 1) trace & cut out 1 big circle and 3 little circles per pansy.

felt pansy - step 1
felt pansy - step 2
felt pansy - step 3

step 2) place the 3 little circles on top of the big circle so that they meet in the middle.

felt pansy - step 4

step 3) take your needle through the middle of the big circle.

felt pansy - step 5

then sew through the middle of the first little circle and back to the center. i reinforced my stitch by then going through the same little circle again.

felt pansy - step 6
felt pansy - step 8

step 3) follow step 2 to add the other 2 circles. and then tie a knot on the back side.

felt pansy - step 7
felt pansy - step 9
felt pansy - step 10

step 4) i used my quarter again to trace out leaves.

felt pansy - step 11

here's what we have so far:

felt pansy - step 12

step 5) i added a little midrib of 2 stitches to each leaf. {woops! i didn't photograph this step!}

step 6) carefully i stitched the parts together so that the stitching didn't show on the right side.

felt pansy - final

my wrong side loooks AWFUL. and i wouldn't give it to anybody like this. ha! but it made it easy to loop a headband through some of the bigger stitches. to clean the wrong side up a bit - you could add a piece of felt over the stitches!

felt pansy - step 13

voila! :)

felt pansy - final 2
{self-portrait pictures are my archnemesis!
maybe i'll post a separate blog with all the AWFUL pictures i captured!}
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