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heading to illinois today!


and picking wade up on the way (in stl).
very excited for shower #2. and some quality family time. even my cousin rachel is flying in. yay!

bc we're kicking town (and returning to a house guest sunday night) ... i worked like mad unpacking and organizing wedding stuff last night. the house is now livable - but definitely not decorated.

how ridiculous is my bedroom:

organization at it's finest.
relaxation ... not so much.
not for 43 more days at least!!!

i did however have a scrumptious little breakfast this am before packing up my overnight and heading into the office.

wade and i plan to join a csa share once we're married.
i've found this little blog to be very helpful.
are you involved with one that we should look into?

maybe we'll get into canning too. {we will have a katrillion mason jars post wedding.} is there anything more delicious than fresh strawberry jam?

our wedding: it's shower time!

and that's so incredibly exciting.

{but also - somewhat uncomfortable. there's the whole opening presents (that we asked for nonetheless) in front of people. open to fast and you seem ungrateful. open to slow and people get bored. i'm on a tangent ... excuse me.}

a few pics from my nashville shower just in time for shower #2 this weekend in illinois:

my beautiful hosts, whitneybe and taytay.

check out the yummy cake that taylor made.

and the fantastic spread by whitney.
(i particularly loved the little touches ... the gingham napkins with twine. and of course all of her southern living gear.)

so many presents. we are so grateful!

i loved seeing all my lovely nashville girlfriends {and their little girls} and was glad that wade's mom, grandma, sister and niece could make it.

of course - it wouldn't be the same without my mum.
so we skyped her.
oh technology. i love you!

fun times!

kansas city ...

wade's in kansas city until friday.

{then he flies into stl where i pick him up and we head home for shower #2 - yay! but that's a different story.}

i've been to k.c. once.
i was about 10 years old and it was my special trip w/ grandma and grandpa. every few years they went to a convention for brookfield uniforms and they would take one of us grandkids along.

i don't remember much about the trip. (poor memory, poo.) i remember taking a tour of the city ... seeing a big fountain in one of the parks and my first ever dog bakery (which i still think is silly). but this trip was particularly special bc grandma and grandpa had worked it out so that i could SING at the final banquet.

i remember waiting nervously for my turn. and finally walking up to the stage. the band played and i sang my little heart out.

when i sat back down grinning from ear to ear - bc yes, i was the girl that sang at the brookfield uniforms convention, one of the older men at the table tapped my shoulder and said ...


"so honey, when is it you're going to sing?"

no one could hear me over the band. :(

i'll have to post some pics if i can find them. memories!

a quick (tiny) introduction to our new home ...

wade and i will agree - that the best part of our new home (well my new home until 9.25) is the kitchen. to tell you the truth ... the layout is a bit odd. the appliances are nothing special and there's limited counter space. but the windows ... the windows make up for it's down falls.

i tried to take a quick pic w/ my phone before leaving for work this am. it doesn't really do it justice.

right now it's random - and still very unpacked. my rinky-dink garage saled furniture and hand-me-down cups and plates. but picture it with me:

our dishes displayed neatly on the built ins...

the perfect window coverings...

a brand new (to us) antique table and chairs that seat up to 6 of our favorites of course...

maybe a step stool to help me reach the highest dishes...

and last but not least ... always always always fresh flowers...
{thank you, love. a surprise dinner and fresh flowers was the perfect ending to a loooong day!}

where have i been!?!



...is anyone out there still reading this thang?

i know i know ... i've been slacking. wade pointed out yesterday that my last post (or poor excuse for a post) was over a month ago.

truth is ... it's wedding crunch time.
all of my free time has been focused on wedding projects. i posted a few projects early on - but mom kept telling me not to post TOO much. she feared that someone else would read my blog and then have my wedding before i got to have it. ha! (honestly ... the majority of my ideas are adapted from ideas i've found on blogs too.)

but i've chosen not to post too many of my final touches on here before the big day. and who am i kidding, former brides. you understand me when i say "too much to do, too little time".

a little catch up:

* wade is home! he got home on july 8th and settled back into his boyhood bedroom until post wedding. he's now working for a non-profit in town. and i'm super proud of him. my hero.

*then, july 31st i moved into our new apt. yay!
it's so comfy and cozy w/ the best morning light ... even without decorations and with boxes stacked high. i've had to tell myself that the decorating will come later. for now, i need to make it livable and focus on wedding.
but we have so many AMAZING ideas - all future blogs. i promise. as we plan to build from scratch, flea market, and freecycle like mad! :) then you all should come visit.

okay okay ...

i promise an excellent blog post sept 25th.
be patient with me in the meantime. :)


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