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wednes-DIY: the robin scherbatsky

great {craft}ernoon inspiration is all around.
in fact, i have a growing list of ideas ... and simply not enough time (or resources) to finish them all.

while watching himym on monday night,
i was inspired:
and since i'm trying hard to spend only on our wedding ... i decided that i would make something similar rather than shop for this top.

*plain top or tunic
*button up white top (preferably with detail)
* iron & ironing board
*sewing machine
*scissors, pins, and a ruler


1. cut out the portion of the button up that you'd like to use. be sure to leave about an inch of extra fabric on the sides and bottom and an inch & a 1/2 on top as you'll need this for your hem.

2. with your ruler, iron, and pins, create a seam, fold and press the raw edges under a 1/2" and then under a 1/2" again to create a 1/2" hem on all 4 sides.

3. pin it in place. be sure to place it so that your extra inch & a 1/2 fabric at the top hangs over (we'll pin this into place in the next step).
i used my mirror for placement to make sure that it was straight ... it wasn't.
{note my pj pants - ha!}

4. fold over the remaining inch and a 1/2" (which should be a 1/2" plus a 1/2" hem from step 2) and pin in place.

5. with your sewing machine, sew it into place.
{note: i changed out my buttons as a finishing touch. in fact, i liked the buttons on my pjs so much that i cut them off and used them. ha!}

hope you like - and hope you give it ago & send me a link!


as promised ... a new DIY

still forgot my camera at work. ho hum.
so i plan to hit up the office early tomorrow to post not only the latest {craft}ernoon but also the recipe images and pics from chicago i promised yesterday.

until then ... a sneak peak:

in other news ...
we swore we would never put up a wedding blog.
but we're starting to think it might be helpful with family & friends all over the country.
so though there isn't much up yet - i've added a new button (upper right & below):

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