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eleanor jane - 5 months

mommy is a little late posting this - you keep us very very busy! :)
* side + tummy sleeper (often w/ your face directly into your mattress. let the mommy/daddy heart attack's begin!)
* sitting in your mamas and papas chair
* daddy's girl - he just has to smile or walk into the room to get giggles
* lamb-celot wrestler. you love rubbing his soft side on your face while falling asleep.
* you also rub your hand on mommy while you nurse. sometimes quite violently.
* peekaboo
* 11.5 hours most nights!
* this girl is on a roll (rolling from back to tummy on her left side) = bye bye swaddle (5.28)
* 1st tooth! (6.2)
* 2nd tooth! (6.8)
* you suddenly like tummy time - you do upward dog + "beached whale" (flapping your arms/legs in the air at the same time)
* those eyes are still blue & your hair is a little lighter and slightly red

Eleanor Jane - 4 Months

* you weigh 15lbs 6oz (85%)+  25.5" long (90%)
 * lip chewer = mega drooler (maybe 2 little teeth buds?)
* 1st easter ... spent it in IL with grandma & grandpa vickroy
* giggles when tickled + bounced
* stiff as a board! you're one tough cookie to bend.
* you love your crib music box to soothe you to sleep
* you've rolled from tummy to your back (when you're in the mood - which is rare!)
* you fight naps - either with tears or by slamming your legs into the mattress
* not a night owl. you set your own bedtime btwn 7-7.30
* how did mommy not know about side-lying nursing from day 1?!
mommy can catch up on a little nap while you nurse. and sometimes we both take a little snooze
* after refusing 3 types of pacis - you ♥ philips avent freeflow
* you lift your neck up when on your back
* cow's milk colitis = no dairy for mommy temporarily
* 1st night in your crib (5.5.14)
* houdini has nothing on you! we can't keep you swaddled through an entire night!
* you chose a lovie - lamb-celot!
* your eyes are still blue - just like daddy's

Eleanor Jane - 3 Months

 * you are a perfect 1st baby! bc you are so easy & sweet, we look forward to someday having more!
* you and mommy have this nursing thing down.
* sleeping approx 8pm - 5am. almost 9hrs of sleep every night!
* hello, belly button.
* you think mommy & daddy are silly.
you watch us and when we look over to you, you give us big smiles.
* tummy time success. you hold your head up at a 45º angle.
(you scream & scream. not sure if it's joy or "somebody save me")
* you love to stand & straighten your legs. you are a very stiff little lady.
* sleeping in with mommy in mommy & daddy's bed!
* 1st non-well visit to the doctor (3/25/14). mommy thinks milk is too hard for you to digest.
* you have had a really bad rash all month on your face.
could you have mommy's sensitive skin?
* trip to visit great grandma hammond (3/28-30/14)
* chatterbox! you are very expressive - especially with your eyebrows!
* you are a dare devil! you love jumping and flying in the air.
* mommy goes back to work! jenna nannies on tuesdays.
daddy & eleanor spend the day together on thursdays!
* HANDS! you love to eat your delicious hands!
* you have a slight bald spot that has developed in the back of your hair.
* kicking is your favorite!
* daddy calls you (and mommy + hattie) "bear". mommy calls you everything under the sun. but especially "ellen", "ej" & "eleanor".

an easter basket for the fur child ...

*** this post was sponsored by kroger. all opinions are 100% my own. ***

since eleanor joined the gang back in january, ms hattie our english bulldog graciously accepted her new role playing 2nd fiddle. so when kroger approached me with the challenge to create an easter basket for a loved one exclusively from items purchased at their store - i decided to spoil our pup with an easter basket of her own. after all, hattie is much more excited about goodies than our little one at this stage.

this was also a great opportunity to visit the new kroger marketplace®! along with the huge variety of the fresh food i've come to expect from my neighborhood kroger, the kroger marketplace® is a one-stop shop for everything else for your home - including home decor, linens, small appliances and more. and when it came to items for hattie's easter basket - it did not disappoint. i filled her basket with pup essentials:

- a little lamb doll (with sewn on features as a safe choice) + bunny ears from the easter selection
- a rubber ball from their amazing selection of pet toys
- a water bottle wrapped in a sock from the $1 bins (which of course is her favorite from the basket!)
- from their home goods section, i picked up a jar to fill with homemade dog treats!

... and even a little gift for me - a lint brush!

kroger has a great big natural section loaded with the gluten free products that we love as well! when we adopted hattie a year ago, we weren't entirely familiar with the bulldog breed. we knew they were super squishy, loud snoring, crazy loyal lovebugs. but we didn't realize that they are also one of the most unhealthy breeds. you can help with their allergies and breathing issues by keeping them on a gluten free diet. so yes - in this household even our dog is gluten free!

here's a super easy recipe for gluten free dog treats:
  • 1 banana, mashed
  • 1/4c natural peanut butter*
  • 1/2c bacon, chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 1 3/4c gluten-free oat flour*
  • 1/3 cup gluten-free oats*
* peanut butter is a good source of protein + it contains healthy fats, vitamin b, niacin and vitamin e. and oats are a great source of fiber which is especially beneficial as your dog ages. 

preheat oven to 300º F.
  1. combine wet ingredients and dry ingredients (except the bacon) separately. then mix the wet with the dry ingredients. finally fold in the bacon bits. 
  2. transfer the dough to wax paper. if the dough is sticky, use additional oat flour. roll the dough to a 1/4" thickness and use cookie cutters to shape each treat. transfer the the treats to a non-stick baking sheet. 
  3. bake the treats for 35 minutes until golden brown. allow them to cool at room temperature before storing them for up to 2 weeks in an airtight container. 
you might not be able to tell - but the treats are hattie approved! she's pretty excited about the basket as a whole! :)

of course kroger has everything you need to fill up an easter basket for your human counterparts too! for more easter basket ideas including great DIY easter projects - check out the kroger pinterest board and their Facebook page.

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